Identifying, Treating, And Preventing Fly Infestations In Yakima County

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Identifying A Fly Problem

One of the few good things about fly infestations is that it’s typically a lot easier to identify them than other infestations. Flies don’t make much effort to hide their presence, unlike rodents and cockroaches. That means if you have a fly infestation, you will notice it pretty quickly once adult flies start buzzing around. 

If you have a single fly buzzing around your home, it’s not necessarily a sign you have an ongoing infestation. Sometimes, flies just wander in from outside. You’ll need to eliminate stray flies that come in from outdoors to avoid getting an infestation in the near future, but a major sign that you have an ongoing infestation isn’t a single fly but multiple flies. 

If you start seeing fly after fly in your home, including live ones zipping around and dead ones accumulating on the windowsills, that is a sure sign you have a problem. Different types of flies will infest different areas. For instance, you may see fruit flies and drain flies near sinks or potted plants where they are breeding. Larger, more athletic flies like blow flies or house flies can move throughout your whole house, but you’ll find them mostly in the kitchen, pantry, and other areas with food or trash. 

Why Flies In Your Home Can Be Problematic

Having flies in your home is much more than just annoying. Flies are some of the most disgusting pests you can get. They spread dozens of different pathogens, many of which can make you severely ill. Diseases you can get from flies include:

  • Salmonellosis
  • Campylobacteriosis
  • E. coli infection
  • Cholera
  • Shigellosis
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Typhoid fever
  • Parasitic infections

To avoid these diseases, it’s vital to keep flies away. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, especially if you already have a fly infestation. The difficulty of preventing flies is mainly due to the fact that it’s so easy to get a fly infestation. 

All it takes is one female fly to make it inside and find a place to lay eggs, and that’s it! Flies mature incredibly fast, racing from egg to adult in as little as three weeks. There are, of course, things you can do to make your home less attractive to flies, but even then, keeping them out is an uphill battle. 

The Best Way To Treat A Fly Infestation

Unfortunately, it's easy to get a fly infestation and hard to get rid of one. There are not many products on the open market that are effective at eliminating entire fly infestations. What typically happens is they eliminate a few adult flies but do not get the eggs, the larvae, or even all of the breeding adults. 

To truly get rid of flies, you'll need expert help. Here at Prosite Pest Control, we have the technologies and the training to eliminate entire fly populations from your home, no matter what life cycle they are in. We can get everything from eggs to maggots to mature, breeding adults. So don't wait until flies have already exposed you to disease. Click or call today. 

Helpful Tips To Prevent Flies From Coming Back

Different kinds of flies are attracted to different things, so you’ll need to take multiple species into account when eliminating attractants. For example, fruit flies are unsurprisingly attracted to fruit, while house flies will focus more heavily on your garbage or the pet waste in your backyard, meaning eliminating fruit isn’t going to keep them away.

To make your home less attractive to multiple species of flies, take measures like:

  • Never leave decorative food of any kind, such as fruit or cookies, sitting out uncovered.
  • Eliminate pet waste from your yard.
  • Cover all indoor and outdoor garbage cans with tight lids.
  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes sitting out, not even in the sink.
  • Store pantry foods in airtight containers.
  • Don’t leave pet foods sitting out for pets to graze. Feed pets and store their food.

Unfortunately, even these measures won’t always be enough to keep you from winding up with a fly infestation. If you get flies in your home despite your best efforts, call Prosite Pest Control for the best local fly control in Yakima County. We can help you eliminate pesky flies so you can get back to your life.