Banishing Ants In Yakima County: Expert Tips For Successful Home Ant Removal

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Every homeowner has had to deal with ants crawling around their property before. They are common, invasive, and even more problematic than you realize. While most house ants are considered nuisances, all ants can contaminate food and some species pose larger risks to your health and property. 

It’s important to take ant control in Yakima County seriously, which is why so many local residents turn to Prosite Pest Control for our effective and affordable pest services. Learn how we can help you; contact us today.

Types Of Ants That Commonly Invade Yakima County Homes

Not every ant is harmless. Some carry diseases, while others can damage your property just like other kinds of pests that people tend to worry about more. Proper ant control requires being able to identify and properly treat the infestation. 

Prosite Pest Control offers effective ant control because we know how to deal with all kinds of local ant species. Here are just some of the types of ants that we help Yakima County homeowners deal with: 

  • Pavement ants: Known for forming colonies near sidewalks and roads, pavement ants can nonetheless invade your home’s interior. They are small, black, and drawn inside by the presence of food.  
  • Odorous house ants: Often confused for other black varieties of ants, odorous house ants have a unique feature: the foul smell they emit when crushed. This defense mechanism alerts other ants to danger, so they can be difficult to fully eradicate.  
  • Non-nuisance ants: Two of the main kinds of non-nuisance ants are pharaoh ants, which spread diseases like salmonellosis, and carpenter ants, which bore breeding tunnels in household wooden materials. 

If you suspect these or any other species of ants in your Yakima County home, turn to the experts at Prosite Pest Control for prompt removal.

Don't Ignore Early Signs of Ant Activity

When most people spot signs of an ant infestation, they make a note to pick up some bug spray the next time they go out and then promptly return to life as normal. But allowing an ant population to grow, and even waiting until you’re seeing the bugs themselves crawling around your house, usually leads to the larger consequences of a pest infestation. 

DIY methods and store-bought treatments likely won’t eliminate the entire colony, including its breeding queen. And by the time you’re seeing ants themselves, it’s a sure sign that the colony has already formed — either outdoors or hidden within your walls. 

It’s important to seek professional ant control for your home. It’s better to spend time and money on treatments you know will be effective at removing the entire problem, not just act as a temporary solution. 

When you want ants dealt with quickly in Yakima County, turn to Prosite Pest Control. 

Implementing Effective Ant Prevention Measures In Your Home

It’s important to recognize the factors found in every home that attract pests. Failing to act on these factors until an infestation is already an issue isn’t ideal.

Here are some of the best ant prevention tips provided by our experts: 

  • Access points: Ants can fit through, and find, any cracks or holes around your property. This also includes subterranean access points below your foundation that aren’t easily inspected or repaired, but you should still address any that form around your exterior walls and windows.
  • Food sources: Ants can detect mere traces of food inside your home, which is why deep cleaning and proper food and trash storage are necessities.
  • Moisture control: Pests are also drawn to water sources, so addressing leaks and puddles around your property is wise. You should also ensure proper ventilation in all rooms and storage areas. 

The technicians at Prosite Pest Control are happy to help you with these and other ant control practices. It all starts with a call to our local office, so pick up the phone today. 

Total Ant Control For Yakima County Residents

You don’t have to worry about ants in your home when you partner with local professionals who know how to eliminate and, more importantly, prevent ant problems. Contact Prosite Pest Control right away for our ant pest control services in Yakima County, Washington