Practical Steps For Successful Silverfish Control In Kittitas County

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Kittitas County, Washington, is known as a "Land of Contrasts." Small towns dot the landscape, each one offering friendly hospitality and unique cultural experiences. In this county, one minute, you are riding on horseback with the Cascade Mountains behind you, and the next, you are experiencing fine dining and show-stopping concerts.

Unfortunately, whether you rent or own property in this area, silverfish are common nuisance pests that often come indoors. Silverfish pest control in Kittitas County may prove beneficial when these creepy pests visit unexpectedly.

What Do Silverfish Look Like?

Silverfish are indoor pests you won't soon forget. These insects get their name from their silvery, metallic coloration. Their scales give them a unique, almost otherworldly appearance. They have long, flat bodies typically measuring 1/2 and 3/4 of an inch. Some compare their bodies to a carrot or teardrop since they are wider at their head and taper down at their back end. Still, others compare them to fish because of their fishlike movements and scales. They have compound eyes, threadlike antennae, and three long, bristle-like attachments at their back end, thus the nickname "bristletails." Even though they are wingless, don't underestimate these pests; they are fast movers and great climbers.

Having an abundance of silverfish creeping about your property can cause people distress, and while they may not pose a physical threat to people, they can chew holes in upholstery, paper, and clothing. Property owners experiencing frequent encounters with silverfish should have their property inspected by a pest professional like Prosite; we are experts at getting rid of silverfish from Kittitas County properties.

Common Silverfish Attraction Points

Silverfish thrive in moist, humid environments; they get drawn to it. While you can often find them in bathrooms, basements, and attics, the reality is that they'll thrive in any number of rooms, especially in temperature-controlled buildings that average between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Once they move indoors, food attractions will cause them to settle in for extended stays.

Six additional items that serve as silverfish attractants include:

  • Cellulose (paper and wood)
  • Glue
  • Starches
  • Clothing and linens
  • Foods (cereals, flours, rolled oats, dried beef)
  • Dead insects (including silverfish)

Silverfish can stray into buildings from outdoors or even get carried into structures on items brought into buildings. Once silverfish enter buildings, they can breed in various areas, including under subflooring, attics, and wall voids. It's vital to establish a partnership with a pest control company like Prosite for silverfish pest control in Kittitas County.

Reducing Hiding Spots And Closing Potential Entryways

Silverfish are nocturnal, preferring to move around homes in the dark. During the day, they will find areas around buildings to hide. Reducing conditions that attract these pests to homes and eliminating hiding spots and entryways will do much to deter them from settling in buildings.

Tips for silverfish prevention include the following suggestions:

  • Address excess humidity issues; use a fan or dehumidifier.
  • Quickly repair plumbing issues.
  • Replace any wet wood in buildings.
  • Make sure you have adequate ventilation in attics, basements, and crawl spaces.
  • Seal cracks and crevices indoors (hiding spots) and in foundations.
  • Reduce clutter (hiding areas).
  • Store old books, newspapers, and clothing in sealed containers.
  • Keep foods (sugars, starches, cereals, proteins) in airtight containers.

It is essential to note what attracts silverfish to properties and address issues that could help deter them from getting indoors, but even the best prevention measures can still fail. If and when silverfish appear to be multiplying exponentially in structures, you should contact the professionals at Prosite. Not only can we remove silverfish from buildings, but we also offer pest control plans that can help prevent them year-round.

Consult The Professionals For Total Silverfish Control

Trying to handle a silverfish infestation yourself can prove challenging, so it's essential to seek professional help from seasoned pest professionals like Prosite. Our science-driven and service-obsessed company offers property owners all-inclusive pest protection plans to keep local pests out of local structures, whether residences or commercial properties.

Are you noticing an uptick in silverfish sightings around your property? Contact Prosite for a consultation today; we are a silverfish exterminator near you.