How To Safely Remove A Wasp Nest From Your Yakima County Property

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Yellow Jacket crawling on a wooden picnic table.

If you find a wasp nest on your Yakima County property, do you know what to do? Most people take a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach, but that could easily end in disaster. Find out the safe way to remove a wasp nest and avoid several nasty stings.

Which Wasp Nests You Might Encounter

In Yakima County, there are a few types of wasps, and their nesting habits vary. For instance, yellow jackets sometimes build their nests underground. They may also build them in trees or behind wall voids. Unlike many of the other wasps in the area, yellow jackets are social and aggressive insects.

Meanwhile, bald-faced hornets build their nests on utility poles, under decks, and on chimneys. They usually have white and black colors and slender bodies. Paper wasps also have thin bodies but often have black and yellow coloration. They build their nests inside grills, electrical boxes, and other enclosed spaces. If you see an upside-down umbrella-shaped nest that looks as if it's made of paper, you have paper wasps.

In truth, it doesn't matter what wasps you encounter. Any wasp has the potential to be dangerous. If you have an allergy to wasp venom, one sting could be enough to send you to the emergency room. You could develop an allergy at any time, and every sting brings you one step closer to a horrible reaction.

With the allergy risk aside, wasp stings aren't pleasant. They hurt and could cause you pain for days. If you don't want to be stung by a wasp, you need to take measures to keep them off your property. You also need to avoid getting stung during your wasp removal efforts.

Common Methods Of Wasp Nest Removal

When people find wasp nests on their property, they often rush to remove them. You might reach for a can of wasp killer and spray the nest. After waiting a few minutes, you may try to knock down the nest. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee you won't get stung. There could be some surviving wasps, and they won't be happy.

If you're dealing with social wasps, you could have multiple angry insects chasing after you. Each one can sting more than once, so you may have multiple stings. It's hazardous to try and remove a wasp nest on your own.

Sometimes, wasp nests look vacant. Many wasps abandon their nest for the winter and build new nests when the warm weather arrives. But this doesn't mean you should knock away wasp nests without a care in the world. There could be wasps in the nest, and they won't hesitate to sting you. Once again, your actions put you in danger. The DIY method of wasp nest removal is not the safest or most effective method.

What You Should Do About Wasp Nests

As soon as you find a wasp nest, follow the following steps. First, call an experienced professional and have them remove the nest. They'll make sure they kill the wasps and that the nest is no longer dangerous. Because a pest control expert has training and access to the right tools, they can safely remove all wasp nests from your property.

More importantly, they may be able to give you advice on preventing future issues with wasps. It's not easy to make your Yakima County property less appealing wasps, but Prosite can help. We're always ready to act and advise you on wasp control.

Whether you found a wasp nest on your property or you have a few questions about the local wasps, call us and learn more about our home pest control. Our highly trained technicians can help you today.