What To Do About Powderpost Beetles On Your Kittitas County Property

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powderpost beetle up close

There are a lot of different pests out there that can find their way inside and destroy your home. These pests can cause damage beyond simply tearing some furniture apart or digging up your lawn around your Kittitas County property. These pests can crawl inside your wall and destroy the structural integrity to the point where it can become unsafe. 

These pests can range from termites to beetles, seemingly small and innocuous but powerful enough to cost the world billions in damages. Powderpost beetles in Kittitas County are one of these wood destroyers that can cost you time and money if not addressed quickly. Give our team a call today, and we can help your Kittitas County property stay safe!

How To Identify Powderpost Beetles

Dung beetle problems are not something you have to worry about, but how can you know the difference between a dung beetle and a powderpost beetle? Here are a few critical characteristics of powderpost beetles:

  • Typically a reddish-brown and black color.
  • Long bodies, about a 1/4th of an inch.
  • They form a noticeable C shape when they are in a larvae state.
  • Have a slender tube-ish shape to their bodies.
  • Have wings and the ability to fly.

When you know how to identify these beetles, you can begin to take action to protect your home. Powderpost beetles dig into the wood of your walls and destroy it just like a termite or a carpenter ant would.

The Extent Of Damage Powderpost Beetles Can Create On Your Property

Most beetles don’t have much of an impact on your home. However, powderpost beetles are wood-damaging beetles that can tear apart the structure of your home. They do this by tunneling in and creating pinpoint holes all along your walls until they become hollow and compromised. This chewing can cause your doors, flooring, and walls to crumble and become unrepairable. The damage these pests can inflict will cost you a lot in the long run; a replacement is required to make it structurally sound again.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Powderpost Beetle Infestation

You can take steps to prevent these beetles like you would avoid other pests from entering your home. Here are just a few that you can do to keep your home safeguarded from an infestation:

  • Inspect any wood furniture or wood objects you bring into your home.
  • Put a wax seal on your wooden objects and furniture around your home to better protect them.
  • Don’t let any wood contact the soil when around your property.
  • Install a barrier of stone around your home’s foundation.
  • Repair any leaks or moisture issues around your home. 

The best way to get rid of powderpost beetles on your Kittitas County property is to call in a professional team to lend you a hand. These beetles are adept at worming their way into tight spaces, hiding efficiently.

How To Prevent Powderpost Beetles From Returning

Do you want to know how you can keep different types of beetles from coming back into your home? Reach out to our Kittitas County pest control company at Prosite. Our team can help you eliminate your pest problem by eradicating beetles and bugs when they show up. We can even take preventative measures to ensure that you don’t deal with any beetle problems in the future. 

We at Prosite take pride in the services we can provide for you, and you can rely on our staff to always be knowledgeable and friendly when they show up. You’ll find that carpet beetles in your home or any beetle in your home can lead to a bigger problem down the line. Don’t let pests blindside you. Call Prosite and get the help you need for your pest problem today.