What You Should Know Before Spray Foam Installation Services in Yakima County

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Insulation installation in an attic

Every home gets built differently, even when they follow the same blueprints. Depending on the age and construction of your residence, there may be some things that are not optimal; this usually includes insulation. Older homes were not built with enough or the proper insulation. Even modern construction companies sometimes cut corners when choosing how they insulate.

Assuming that you are in need, we are going to take a moment today to talk about our spray foam insulation and discuss the benefits it can provide for your Yakima County home or business. Contact Prosite to directly learn more about this service. Keep reading to discover more about spray foam insulation in Yakima County and find out if this service is right for you.

Signs Spray Foam Insulation May Benefit You

There are many reasons to invest in spray foam insulation. Some reasons are more clear than others. If you have trouble keeping your home at a certain temperature, this could be the result of poor existing insulation. The same thing is true for access humidity which often leads to mold and fungus growth. Bad insulation can also allow for more sound to pass through walls allowing you to hear planes, trains, cars, and other exterior noise like it wasn’t outside your home.

By investing in insulation services, you can solve these common problems and save good money in the process. We will talk more in a bit about what insulation installer near you you should trust with servicing your home.

Materials Used During Spray Foam Installation

Spray foam insulation is a revolutionary product. Its core ingredients usually include polyurethane and isocyanate. These two materials mix together on application, expand, and then harden; this creates a layer of semi-dense insulation between you and the outside world. Other common materials used with spray foam insulation include tarps and plastic to cover items, safety equipment to avoid inhaling particulates in the air, and a spraying device for application purposes.

To learn more about our products and procedures, talk with our team. For now, here are some things you might have to do before installation.

Checklist To Consider Before Spray Foam Installation

There is a lot our team will do to prepare homes for insulation installation. There is also much you can do to help our team with this process. Here is a checklist to consider if you plan on having spray foam insulation installed inside your home:

  • Move items away from the walls that you plan on having insulated. Our technicians will need to have easy access to these areas for more effective installation.
  • Make sure all items inside your walls, like HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work, are in good order before you have them covered in foam.
  • Take pictures of the interior of your walls to note the location of useful items and how they run.

For more information about our insulation services, talk with our team. We would be happy to inform you of everything you need to know.

Trust Prosite Has You Covered For All Of Your Spray Foam Needs

There are many insulation installers in Yakima County. The trick is finding a company that will best serve your needs. At Prosite we are not just an insulation installer; we provide many services that make homes more comfortable; this includes pest control, our most popular service. We are your best choice if you need the job done right to get the maximum benefits.

Contact Prosite now to learn more and make an appointment for your Yakima County home.