What To Do About Skunks Hanging Around Your Yakima County Yard

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a skunk walking in a yard near a home

Despite their distinctly awful smell, most skunks are little more than occasional pests. However, this isn’t always the case. With spring coming closer, wildlife in Yakima County will start to become more active, including skunks. No one wants the stench of skunk lingering around their home and yard. If you find yourself in need of pest control in Yakima County, you can call our experts at Prosite. First, let’s make sure that you can identify these pests when you see them.

Skunks Are Pretty Easy To Identify

The common skunk can be easily identified by its fur. Its coat is a shiny black with two white stripes going down its back and a thin white stripe between its snout and forehead. The exact patterns vary between species. Skunks are usually around 22 to 32 inches long; about the size of a domesticated cat. The most distinguishing feature of the skunk, however, is its ability to spray an oily fluid with a terrible smell. This fluid comes from two glands near the base of the tail and can cause pain and even temporary blindness if it comes into contact with your eyes. Normally skunks are passive, nocturnal creatures, but this is not always the case. Let’s take a look at why you may need skunk control in Yakima County.

Skunks Can Be More Aggressive Than You May Think

If you ever see a skunk out during the day, keep your distance, go inside immediately, and contact your local skunk control service. There is a chance that the skunk may have rabies. Rabies is a virus that infects the brain and the central nervous system, causing death if untreated. The early symptoms of rabies mirror those of common illnesses like fevers and colds, but once the more severe symptoms take hold, the disease is almost always fatal. Since the disease is most often transmitted by the saliva of an infected animal, it is imperative that you seek medical attention immediately if you are bitten by a skunk or any other wild animal. But before you call for professional wildlife removal, there are some practical steps you can take to prevent skunks from hanging around your yard.

Practical Tips To Prevent Skunks Around The Yard

Skunks are omnivores, meaning that they will eat pretty much anything they can digest. They tend to live in abandoned burrows, brush piles, under buildings, and anywhere else where they can keep warm and dry. The good news is that most skunks are solitary creatures, so you shouldn’t have to deal with more than one or two at a time.

Here’s how to make your yard less appealing to these pests:

  • Cover and seal outside trash containers and other potential food sources.
  • Make sure to check out buildings frequently. Lock doors and cover any exterior openings.
  • Keep alert for infestations of insects around your home, as these may be food for skunks and other pests.
  • Fence off gardens that are used to grow food.
  • Examine the exterior of your house and seal any openings in or underneath the foundation.

Even with these precautions, it is possible that a skunk may choose your yard as its territory. This means it’s time to avail yourself of our professional Yakima County home pest control services.

Call Us At The First Sign Of Skunks In Your Yard

Having skunks in your yard stinks. Let the Yakima County wildlife control professionals at Prosite assist you with your smelly invaders. We are a locally owned business with years of experience dealing with all types of pests. Our technicians are trained and equipped with all the tools they need to meet your unique wildlife removal needs. Call Prosite today to get started, and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Yakima County.