The Do's And Don't's When It Comes To Spray Foam Insulation Installation In Yakima County

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Most people like to save money. The problem is knowing where there is money to be saved. Something that many locals do not consider when trying to cut costs is insulation. Proper insulation can save a lot. Improper insulation can cost you a fortune.

Today we are going to talk about the do’s and don’t’s of spray foam insulation in Yakima County and explain why you want to invest in this service for your home or business. Talk with our team at Prosite directly if you need direct help in this matter. We will talk you through our spray foam insulation process and find out if it is right for your property. 

What You Should Never Do Before Installing Spray Foam

Insulation installation is a delicate process. To make sure you do not hinder the effectiveness of spray foam before you even install it, here are some things we highly recommend you avoid doing:

  • Tear out existing insulation without the proper safety equipment. We recommend not tearing out insulation at all and leaving this to our team.
  • Leaving floors, cabinets, and other surfaces and items uncovered.
  • Ignore the layout of your walls before installation.
  • Leaving vents, sub pumps, and similar terminations around your home unsealed.

There are many other things that you should avoid before installation. They are mostly common sense related. As long as you understand that our professionals will take care of the details, there isn’t much that will hinder our ability to service your home. 

Things You Should Make Sure You Do Before Installing Spray Foam

Every home is different and requires different prep work before insulation services. If you would like to help us out, here are five things to do before our team pays you a visit:

  1. Make sure your boiler, heater, and other similar items are covered with plastic and turned off.
  2. Move all items in your attic at least five feet away from the walls.
  3. Cover storage items with plastic or something else that will protect them from tiny balls of spray foam.
  4. Make sure all of your home’s exhaust fans are facing outwards.
  5. Check for water leaks throughout your home, especially in piping that will be covered in foam.

If we are being fully honest, most of these things we will walk you through before installation. Other companies, however, might not be so informative. Keep this in mind if you are considering outsourcing this job to other providers. 

The Benefits Of Properly Installed Spray Foam Insulation

Investing in spray foam is a great way to save money and live more comfortably inside your home. This service saves money by better insulating your home to keep cool and warm air inside. It also makes living areas more comfortable by blocking moisture; this also aids with mold and fungus prevention.

If you choose the right insulation contractor, all of these benefits will remain for years and years after installation. It all comes down to getting the job done right the first time. 

Trust The Professionals To Handle Your Spray Foam Installation

If you are looking for a spray foam contractor near you, look no further than Prosite. We are a team of professionals that offer a range of general home care services, including pest control, insulation, and crawl space encapsulation. If you want to live cheaper and better, we would love to provide what you need.

Call our team at Prosite today for more information about our home insulation services and find what you need to live better.