How To Get Rid Of Bats In Yakima County Homes

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While there are some pests that you're likely aware of and probably have encountered before, there are other pest species in Yakima County that many people don't think much about. Bats are one of these. While most people know some things about bats, much of what they know is based on myths such as vampires or fears about the spread of diseases. Overall, the truth is that bats in Yakima County can be dangerous to have around your property, but they aren't impossible to deal with. Find out more about bat control in the area in this guide.

How To Identify A Bat Problem In Yakima County Homes

The main bat species in Yakima County is the little brown bat, although the big brown bat is also sometimes a problem. Little brown bats are a chocolatey brown color with hints of grey. They have leathery wings and round black ears, and they are rather small at only four inches long. The big brown bat looks similar but a little larger all around.

Along with seeing bats around your property, there are other signs of bat activity you might notice first. These include hearing squeaking or scuffling noises from attics or under eaves, smelling a strong scent of ammonia from the bat urine, or finding bat guano around the property.

Are Bats Dangerous In Yakima County?

The main thing people worry about when it comes to bats is whether or not they are dangerous. While not all bat infestations will make you sick or lead to diseases, bats can be harmful to have around. There are health risks that these bats can cause. 

First of all, they do carry pathogens that can lead to illness. They can also carry rabies, and they often bring around other parasites such as fleas and mites. 

The second big health concern with bats is their droppings. Also known as guano, bat droppings can contain a fungus called histoplasma capsulatum. This fungal spore can cause lung disease in humans. The droppings of bats can build up inside attics or along walls and lead to respiratory problems in some cases.

Why Call A Professional For Bat Control In Yakima County?

Because bats do pose health risks, getting effective bat control is important. But, while some people do try to remove bats on their own, this isn't the best method of eliminating these pests. Bats can be quite difficult to catch because they can fly, and they can also sleep and nest under eaves or rooflines that are difficult to access.

Also, when you're trying to remove bats, you're most likely to be bitten and most at risk for getting rabies, so it's important to let pest professionals handle bats instead. The experts at Prostie Pest Control are here to help. 

How To Prevent Bats In Yakima County

The best way to prevent bats in Yakima County is to contact the pest professionals at Prosite. We will work with you to prevent bats from coming back in the future, and you can help us out by following these bat prevention tips:

  • Get caps for chimneys.
  • Focus on general pest control as bats will eat many small insects.
  • Use lights to keep bats from roosting.
  • Seal up entry points along rooflines.

Get started with bat prevention and removal that you can count on by giving us a call today.