How Silverfish Find Their Way Into Yakima County Homes

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silverfish on wool

There’s only one thing worse than having silverfish in your yard, and that’s finding them somewhere in your house. With their shiny scales and lightning-fast movements, these odd-looking creatures can make even the bravest person jump out of their skin. But despite their creepy appearance, silverfish don’t pose a danger to humans. In fact, they’re more interested in nibbling on the books, clothes, and other items you own.

Thankfully, Prosite provides highly effective solutions for the best way to get rid of silverfish around your residence to avoid the damage they can cause. We’ve made it our business to understand the habits and behaviors of various pests to put up a good fight and come out victorious every time.

Continue reading to learn more about these destructive creatures and how specialists with Yakima County pest control can transform your home into a silverfish-free environment.

What Are Silverfish?

Small, wingless, and gray or silver in color, silverfish are typically around 1/2 inch long with a long, slender body that tapers to a point. Their name derives from their coloring and wriggling movements that mimic the motion of a fish. These insects feed on a variety of organic materials, including paper, glue, and fabric, and you can most commonly find them in damp, dark environments.

They’re nocturnal creatures that usually hide in cracks, crevices, and other small spaces during the day. Although you won’t have to worry about these insects stinging or biting you, they can cause significant damage to various items stored in your home, and their presence may indicate a moisture problem that can lead to mold and mildew growth.

Therefore, don’t allow a silverfish infestation to persist after you discover their existence. Contact your local home pest control company, like Prosite, to make an appointment for a thorough in-home evaluation.

The Problems Silverfish Can Create In Your Home

Just because silverfish in Yakima County don’t bite or sting doesn’t mean you want them hanging around your home for too long. Review the list below of the different problems these pests can create:

  • They can destroy your valuable possessions by feasting on books, documents, clothing, wallpaper, and photographs. 
  • They can trigger asthma or allergies with the droppings and shed skin they leave behind. 
  • They can act as carriers of bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens.
  • They can make you feel uneasy in your own home with their awful appearance.

So, to avoid further silverfish damage, don’t delay taking measures to eliminate these pests once you discover them. More importantly, do what you can to prevent them altogether by addressing moisture issues. You can do that by keeping areas well-ventilated. Consult with Prosite for further guidance.

How Silverfish Find Their Way Into Homes

Silverfish are so small that it doesn’t take the biggest opening for them to get into your home. They can squeeze through tiny cracks and crevices in your foundation, roof, or walls with ease. An open window or door makes for an even easier entry point.

Have any vents without screens? If you do, that’s yet another way silverfish can wriggle their way right into your residence. Silverfish can even stow away inside furniture, bags, and boxes. For the best chance to eradicate a silverfish problem, reach out to reputable pest specialists.

The Trick To Getting Rid Of Silverfish

The trick to getting rid of silverfish is to implement a multi-faceted approach that addresses the conditions attracting them to your home, which includes balancing humidity levels, storing your organic materials securely, and sealing up those cracks and crevices around your home. And after you’ve taken those steps, contact pest control professionals to obliterate these insects once and for all.

Since 2011, Prosite has been delivering high-quality pest management solutions that our residents in Yakima County, and the surrounding areas, can trust. We’re committed to maintaining the health and safety of our community by creating pest-free environments. Contact us today so we can schedule your consultation.