Making The Most Of The Crawl Space Of Your Yakima County Home

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Spray Foam Insulation in between beams.

Crawl spaces are one of those areas in our home we rarely think about until there is a problem. Unfortunately, crawl spaces are prone to moisture issues, and insects and rodents often nest in crawl spaces, creating poor air quality. One of the best ways to keep this area a place you don’t need to worry about is to install crawl space encapsulation.

Here in Yakima County, other types of insulation wear out and are subject to damage by rodents, pests, or water. Water-damaged insulation gets compressed and contaminated, thereby losing its effectiveness. Encapsulating a crawl space has multiple benefits that will keep your home protected. 

Crawl spaces that are ignored or forgotten about can have many problems. When these problems start showing noticeable signs, there is usually already significant damage. So what is crawl space encapsulation? Read on to learn more about the benefits of this service in Yakima County.

The Crawl Space Of Our Home Is Often Overlooked

With so much to do in our daily lives, crawl spaces rarely attract our attention. But crawl space encapsulation companies know these spaces are important parts of our homes that impact energy bills and air quality. 

Now it is time to answer the question, what is crawl space encapsulation? Crawl space encapsulation is a simple process that seals the crawl space to keep out moisture, mold growth, rot, and infestations. 

Crawl space encapsulation services begin with installing spray foam insulation before the area is 100% air sealed with a liner. At Prosite, we can also install crawl space ventilation or create a solution using your current HVAC system if necessary. 

Improperly Maintained Crawl Spaces Can Lead To Problems

Homes that do not have an encapsulated crawl space often find that problems that begin in this area make their way into the rest of the house. Crawl spaces often wind up with moisture problems causing multiple issues that can harm your family. 

Pests like termites, ants, and rodents are more likely to become a problem when you have moisture issues. Dark, moist, drafty areas can also be breeding grounds for dangerous mold, mildew, harmful bacteria, and fungus. Crawl space encapsulation companies can ensure this space stays clean and safe for decades.

The Many Benefits Of Crawl Space Encapsulations

An encapsulated crawl space has numerous benefits for your home and family, including:

  • Encapsulating a crawl space will help you save on heating and air conditioning bills.
  • Encapsulation reduces the chances of mold and mildew.
  • It improves indoor air quality.
  • Encapsulation helps keep out insects, rodents, and other pests.
  • It will increase the comfort in your home with more stable temperatures and no more freezing cold floors!

Crawl space encapsulation is an investment in your home that can save money, prevent problems, and increase your property’s value.

Call Prosite Today About Their Crawl Space Encapsulation Service

Not all crawl space encapsulation companies are created equal. You want a company with experience in crawl spaces and insulation like Prosite. We have specialized in crawl space solutions and insulation installation since the start of our company. 

With our experience comes the knowledge it takes to deal with any situations that may arise. Our professionals will provide expert customer service while creating a healthier home for your family.

Crawl space encapsulation in Yakima County provides your home with many benefits in keeping you and your family healthy and safe. If you are interested in learning more about crawl space encapsulation services, contact Prosite today. Our encapsulation and insulation experts are here to answer any questions you have and will devise a solution that works for your home.