Why Are There Ants In My Yakima County Home?

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group of ants on kitchen table

Even if you’re a social butterfly who loves having company over, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want a colony of ants trekking across your kitchen counter to help themselves to breakfast every morning. When you signed up for home ownership, that didn't include becoming the hot spot for all the ants in the neighborhood.

Fortunately, Prosite provides the most effective ant control solutions to wipe these insects out and restore your home back to the peaceful and comfortable surroundings you deserve. Read further to learn more about these intrusive critters and how Yakima County pest control professionals can keep them away from your residence long-term.

How Can I Tell What Type Of Ants Are In My House?

Identifying the specific ants in your home is helpful in determining the best way to eliminate them. Observe the ants and note their color and size. Some ants have wings, while others don’t. If they do, they’re most likely reproductive ants. Different types of ants have different body structures, such as the number of segments in their antennae, the shape of their thorax, and the size and shape of their mandibles.

Also, observe the trails that the ants are following. Some ants are attracted to sugary substances, while others prefer protein. All of these factors can help to narrow down the kind of ant that has invaded your space. But the number one way to accurately identify the correct species is to contact a professional ant pest control near you like Prosite. We can customize a targeted plan to eliminate them from your home.

Should I Worry If I Have Ants In My House?

If you have ants in your home, you don't want them hanging out for too long. Although these pests aren't considered as dangerous as cockroaches, some ants can carry bacteria and other pathogens that can cause health problems, especially in people with allergies or compromised immune systems. Also, certain types of ants can damage your property, such as carpenter ants, which can burrow into wood and weaken its structural integrity. If these critters gain access to your kitchen, your food may become contaminated with bacteria that can make you sick.

Have you ever asked, “can pest control get rid of ants?” Not only can experienced technicians eradicate these insects, but they can help to ensure they don't come back. Therefore, contact Prosite so we can start devising a tailor-made strategy to rid your home of ants fast.

Why Do I Have Ants In My House?

Are you wondering why you're seeing ants racing around your home all of a sudden? Chances are you're providing grade-A accommodations for these insects to thrive. Check out some of the reasons below for this unexpected and unwanted company:

  • There’s food sitting out or spills and crumbs on the countertops or floor.
  • There’s excessive moisture, such as leaky pipes or damp areas.
  • There are areas with lots of clutter and debris.
  • There are open garbage cans filled to the brim.
  • There are small cracks and gaps for them to sneak inside.

The most effective ant prevention tips involve keeping a clean and tidy home, repairing leaks, and sealing up breaches. For more assistance, get in touch with professional home pest control in Yakima County, like Prosite.

How Do I Get Rid Of An Ant Infestation?

If you really want to free yourself from the clutches of an ant infestation, then partner with our team at Prosite, where protecting your home and family is our number one priority. We’re well-equipped to clear an infestation fast using the most effective ant pest control methods and products. We don’t cut corners or perform one-size-fits-all procedures.

Count on us to transform your living spaces into an ant-free environment you can’t wait to come home to and relax. Request your consultation today!