How Spray Foam Insulation Improves Comfort In Kittitas County Homes

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As we progress through the seasons each year, poorly insulated homes are vulnerable to temperature extremes and other variables that negatively impact the comfort level in your home and exacerbate utility costs. Spray foam insulation is a highly effective insulator that is initially applied in liquid form and soon expands and hardens into a “foam-like” material that minimizes gaps, prevents heat loss, and provides a host of other potential benefits for homeowners in Kittitas County.

Are you struggling with extreme fluctuations in temperature inside your Kittitas County home? The best course of action involves contacting a local provider of residential insulation services near you for assistance. Prosite is a leading provider of spray foam insulation services for both newly constructed and existing properties.

How Drafty Homes Can Create Uncomfortable Temperature Fluctuations

One of the primary reasons to replace attic insulation involves minimizing fluctuations in temperature. This is an important reason why homeowners might choose spray foam insulation over many of the alternatives. Throughout the year in Kittitas County, the average daily high temperature varies considerably. For example, the average daily high in December and January is roughly 35 degrees and may exceed 80 degrees during the months of July or August.

Drafty homes have higher utility bills and are less comfortable for you and your family. In many cases, cool air makes the furniture that you sit on uncomfortable. Drafty interior areas may harm houseplants and gaps that allow drafts are possible points of entry for a variety of unwanted insects and other pests.

How Insulation Can Regulate Temperature And Improve Comfort

During the winter months, warmer air inside your home generally rises and creates colder conditions. Having properly installed spray foam insulation helps to limit the transfer of heat and will likely keep the home warmer. Similarly, during the hot summer months, inadequate insulation makes it more difficult to sufficiently cool your home with air conditioning.

Aside from limiting fluctuations in temperature and making the conditions more comfortable, choosing to install spray foam insulation is a money-saving investment. Often, the energy savings that result will more than cover the costs of the insulation project in only a few years.

The Many Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation

What are some of the primary advantages of having spray foam insulation replacement services performed by the pros? Some of the benefits of spray foam insulation include:

  • Because spray foam has a higher R-value, it does a better job of limiting the flow of heat in or out of the structure.
  • Compared to fiberglass insulation, spray foam insulation is better against pests and is not a viable material for nest-building.
  • The spray foam material is composed of non-toxic chemicals, helps to conserve energy, and offers other environmental benefits.
  • Spray foam insulation is typically much quicker and easier to install because the process is non-invasive and requires less preparation.
  • After installation, spray foam insulation is usually fully shaped and dried in only one day and often provides protection that lasts for decades.

As the aforementioned list of advantages indicates, spray foam insulation provides a host of benefits compared to the alternatives. Local property owners who are facing problems involving drafty air, extreme temperatures, or other concerns that adversely impact the comfort of their homes should contact a team of qualified professionals. Experienced home insulation contractors in Kittitas County, employ technicians with the knowledge and tools needed for providing effective spray foam insulation services.

Easy Spray Foam Insulation Installation In Kittitas County

Are you a property owner in Kittitas County with a poorly insulated home? Prosite remains among the region’s premier residential insulation contractors. We employ a team of properly trained professionals who will operate efficiently and ensure you receive superior customer service.

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