Holiday Cheers, No Pest Fears: A Comprehensive Guide For Yakima County Homeowners

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Pest control services are probably the last thing you want to think about when you're preparing for the holidays. However, if you don't integrate pest control into your holiday plans, the pests that try to invade your home during this time could spell disaster for your festivities. That's why it's important to think ahead and plan to prevent pests in Yakima County before they crash your holiday party.

Seasonal Pest Trends: How Climate Affects Holiday Infestations

A couple of different annual trends that can drive pests indoors set in around the start of the holidays. First, with the weather getting colder and darker, many pests will try to invade human habitations for shelter from the chilly temperatures and inclement weather. 

Second, food scarcity becomes a more significant issue for pests during the winter here in Washington. Combine that with the food abundance that happens around the holidays, and you've got a veritable beacon calling out to many different types of pests in Yakima County

Everything, from rodents and roaches to spiders and ants and more, becomes more interested in human habitations during the holidays and the winter overall. Many pest species are also non-native to this area, meaning they are not adapted to our climate and may be entirely dependent upon humans to get them through the cold season.

That's why pest control gets so much harder this time of year. Between uncovered food decorations like gingerbread houses and cornucopias and the warmth radiating from holiday fires, pests just can't resist the lure of the holiday spirit. 

The Gift Of Pest Prevention: Thoughtful Tips For Homeowners

There are several things you'll need to think about in order to avoid pest infestations during the holidays. You will need to integrate pest prevention best practices into your cooking, decorating, and celebrating, taking measures like: 

  • Avoid leaving food decorations like gingerbread houses uncovered. Figure out a way to cover them, even if they are large.
  • Shake off or wash your live Christmas tree outside before bringing it into your home to clear pests from it.
  • Leave other live decorations like laurels and wreaths outside to avoid introducing pests like spiders that may be living in them.
  • Clean up immediately after holiday meals. Do not leave dirty dishes sitting out. 
  • Avoid running cables from the inside of your home to the outside, as this can create openings for pests to enter.

Following these best practices can be difficult when you're bustling around trying to get ready for holiday meals or thinking about presents instead of meal cleanup. That's why contacting a professional pest control company before the holidays can help you keep your season free from pest greetings. 

Safe And Effective: How Our Experts Handle Holiday Pest Invasions

Dependable pest control services are indispensable for the holiday season. The experts at Prosite can not only help you fill in the gaps in your own pest prevention efforts, but our suite of professional-grade products can also help take the pressure off you so that you can spend more time enjoying the holiday festivities and less time worrying about pests.

Our pest control services cover virtually every major pest species that spends the winter trying to get indoors. So don't wait until you're finding rodent presents sitting under the tree or cockroaches exploring your cookies. Just contact the experts here at Prosite. 

Traveling For The Holidays? Tips To Protect Your Home From Pests

If you are not having the holiday festivities at your own house, you still have to worry about pests invading it for the winter. In fact, the lack of human presence inside at home can invite certain pests that prefer to avoid us. This is especially true of rodents, which may take advantage of the lack of people and pets to move into your home while you are away.

If your home will be vacant for the holidays, you will need to take some preparatory steps to prevent pests from invading while you are gone. Before leaving, take measures like: 

  • Take out all trash and seal trash cans tightly shut. 
  • Make sure all pantry foods, including pet foods, are stored in airtight, hard-shell containers.
  • Ensure pet bowls are clean and pet food is stored properly.
  • Inspect the exterior of your home and seal all construction gaps and damage that pests could use to enter.

Just remember, whether you're worried about holiday pests ruining your festivities or you've already come home to a pest infestation, your friendly Yakima County home pest control experts here at Prosite can help.