Kittitas County's Complete Guide To Effective Termite Control

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Termite colony tunnel.

Kittitas County home or business owners could lose their property at any given moment. If not for acts of nature, it may be to wood-eating pests like termites.

It won't be until there's significant damage that people will detect termites. These insects tend to settle in soil and foundations, away from view. Americans have to put out a collective $5 billion in deterrence and recuperation costs each year. It's not common for insurance companies to offer assistance. Learn how you can avoid the perils of termites with a hand from Prosite.

How Do Termites Behave? What Are Infestation Signs?

The termite colonies that wreck domiciles and establishments are split into three classes: workers, soldiers, and swarmers. In this county, workers are usually white or grayish-white. Concerning size, they are 0.12 of an inch long. Soldiers, as you might guess, shield the others. The often yellow-brown bugs have rectangular heads, and they utilize their large mandibles for defense. Swarmers are winged and reproductive. When nests are complete, the ½ of an inch-long pest will leave to mate and start another one. They are yellow, black, or brown. Keep your eyes on light sources because they are attracted to them. Swarmers are a definite sign of infestation. Further confirmations are:

  • Sagging drywall that’s discolored
  • Seeing mud tubes, maze patterns, or pinpoint holes in walls
  • Weak floorboards or flimsy tiles
  • Peeling or bubbling paint that looks water damaged
  • Finding masses of fecal frass; it resembles salt and pepper
  • Having foundations that sound hollow
  • Discovering the discarded wings of swarmers

How Can Termites Be Prevented? Will Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Termite Tricks Work?

Vinegar, orange oil, or boric acid are some of the things people use to eradicate termites. Another popular technique is to hope for sunlight exposure. On the retail product side, baits, liquids, and the like are often purchased. While these options may be somewhat effective, they will only be for a short time. If any termites die, the total number will be small. The response to various treatments for each subspecies differs. Most people won't be able to identify a subgroup and select the best avenue accurately.

You probably won't be able to discern how potent a shelf item is. Many are pretty frail; several others are too robust. The trial and error of independent methods aren't worth coming in contact with strong chemicals. Another aspect to consider is the instructions; they can be complicated. In the event of misapplication, the consequences could be significant.

Again, commercial goods can't give you the outcomes you want. You'll need something that will go beyond the surface. Termite colonies have loads of members, and they reside in the depths of structures. Professional interventions are required for utmost protection.

Steps you can take include:

  • Getting rid of or replacing decaying or ruined wood
  • Repairing moisture breakdowns right away; starting with those dampening wood
  • Making sure loose wood, like fire logs, don’t touch the soil
  • Sealing gaps in structures and utility lines
  • Placing greenery and free wood away from the property by two feet
  • Having annual inspections by Prosite

What Can Prosite Do About Termites?

Termites contribute to the environment when they grind rotting wood, releasing vital nutrients into the soil. In some cultures, these insects are a delicacy. Regardless of these traits, they are unwanted.

The expert technicians at Prosite will employ industrial-grade Termidor® HE treatments that are safe. Injectable trench liquids for the soil around your property's perimeter will kill active bugs and establish a barrier. Warranties and new construction applications are available. Call us and get a free estimate to get started on effective termite control.