How To Protect Your Kittitas County Business From Dangerous Pests

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In the business world, reputation can make or break you. Sometimes all it takes is one bad review to ruin a business. After putting your blood, sweat, and tears into a business, the last thing you need to show up on your doorstep is a cockroach, bed bug, or rodent. Just the sight of any one of these critters can send Kittitas County residents running out your doors – never to come back.

What Kind Of Businesses In Kittitas County Are Susceptible To Pests?

When people think of pest control or pest problems, their minds automatically seem to default to homes. The reality is that businesses also have to deal with pest problems, too.

Eight businesses that typically deal with pest problems include:

  1. Food processing
  2. Healthcare
  3. Hospitality
  4. Industrial
  5. Multi-Family housing
  6. Retail
  7. Property Management
  8. Education

What You Should Know About Dangerous Pests In The Kittias County Workplace

The first time someone sees a pest crawling or scurrying around your business, your reputation is toast! Pest problems that plague companies can cause product damage, sanitation issues, and poor reputations; they can also affect employee welfare and impact an employer's wallet.

Three major pests that frequently infest businesses are as follows:

  1. Cockroaches: These critters are nasty! If you consider the filth they crawl through, it is no surprise that they carry diseases. They contaminate any surface they contact. Cockroaches access buildings through sewer pipes, cracks and crevices in foundations, exterior walls, and through gaps in window and door frames. If a customer sees a cockroach, they run for the hills and never come back. In addition to losing customers, health inspectors may shut your business down permanently.
  2. Bed bugs: Yes, bed bugs can infest businesses. Bed bugs are famous for hitchhiking to their destinations, so stopping them from invading your business is next to impossible. Their bites can be uncomfortable, cause swelling, and cause severe scratching. Bed bugs will infest things like beds, box springs, headboards, upholstery, cracks and crevices in walls, wooden frames, and furniture. Infestations can quickly get out of control, especially in hotels, hospitals, and apartment buildings. Hospitality businesses depend on re-bookings, and refunded rooms cost a company money. Infestations that spread like wildfire can empty spaces that should be earning an income.
  3. Rodents: Rodents that businesses typically combat are mice and rats. If you have an opening the size of a dime (mice) or the size of a quarter (rats), they can squeeze right into your business. They contaminate and destroy stored items, warehoused items, and packaged goods; they also damage buildings and start fires. On top of all this, they also carry many diseases that cause health issues for employees. Loss of customers and closures can ruin your reputation and potentially close your business.

What's The Best Way To Stop Kittitas County Business Infestations?

Business owners need to be vigilant in order to stop pest infestations. Why not have professionals do the work for you? Consistent and ongoing professional pest treatments by Prosite can give you peace of mind. With regular monitoring and pest prevention treatments, Prosite can stay on top of pest threats to your business, saving you time and money.

What Pest Partnership Keeps Your Kittitas County Business Pest Free?

Prosite knows that no two businesses are alike when it comes to pest infestations. Our company will partner with you to create a customized plan that uses use the least amount of chemicals necessary to accomplish your expected results. Navigating all the ups and downs of owning a business can be a real challenge, but Prosite can ease your stress by keeping your business pest-free. Contact Prosite today for a consultation.