How To Tell If It's Rats Or Mice Infesting Your Yakima County Home

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Rat eating seeds from a bird feeder.

Invading pests cause varying degrees of problems when they get into your Yakima County home. Even two pests within the same species may require different control techniques, so learning how to differentiate different pest infestations is a helpful skill.
Rodents are some of the most common pests to infest residential properties. But how can you tell whether you're dealing with rats or mice?

In this article, we'll explain how to identify mice and rats in your home and what makes these rodents so challenging to get rid of. If you're looking for excellent pest control in Yakima County, look no further than Prosite. We're committed to providing excellent pest management services to protect your property from the wide range of pests living in our area. Give us a call today for help with your rodent problems.

How Mice And Rats Differ In Appearance

Understanding the differences between mice and rats in Yakima County can help you determine what problems each of these rodents might cause in your home. Different types of rodents may have more specific appearances, but all mice and rats generally look relatively similar across species. Here we list the main differences between mice and rats:

  • Rats are larger than mice by several inches.
  • Mice have larger and more rounded ears than rats.
  • Rats have blunt noses, while mice have more triangular noses.
  • Mice have thin tails covered in fine hairs, and rats have thick, scaly tails without any hair.

If you need rodent control in Yakima County, our technicians here at Prosite can help. Reach out to us today to schedule your first service visit.

Rats Or Mice; Which Are Worse?

When dealing with pest infestations of any kind, it's important to understand that every type of pest can cause significant issues in your home. Rats and mice each cause unique problems, which makes neither rodent better or worse to find on your property. However, the specific concerns that arise with rats and mice are still something you should pay attention to.

Rats are quite a bit larger than mice and may be more aggressive if they feel threatened, leading to a higher risk of inflicting painful bites. Due to their size, one rat can also cause more damage to your property than a single mouse.

Mice might be smaller than rats, but they breed and reproduce at a much faster rate. Unfortunately, this means that infestations can get out of hand quickly. In addition, these small rodents can squeeze into tight spaces throughout your home, which makes them challenging to get rid of.

Both mice and rats can spread diseases and cause property damage with their constant chewing behavior. To defend your Yakima County home from rodents of all shapes and sizes, invest in professional rodent control services from Prosite.

Both Rats And Mice Are Difficult To Get Rid Of On Your Own

All rodents, no matter what species, are difficult to remove from your property without professional help. While there are many prevention methods and DIY rodent control strategies that you can find across the internet, they don't address the core issue of your pest problems. Rodents reproduce quickly, which means even if you eliminate a few, more with soon take their place. In addition, some rodents become aggressive and may bite you if they feel threatened.

Your best option for getting rid of a rodent problem is to implement a professional rodent control plan from a trusted pest control provider like Prosite. We have the experience to identify where rodents are hiding and apply the right treatments to eliminate them. Say goodbye to rodent problems when you partner with Prosite today.

Professional Rodent Control Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Mice Or Rats

The only way to ensure your Yakima County home remains free of rodents and other common pests is with an ongoing pest management plan from Prosite. Our licensed technicians have what it takes to get rid of mice and rats, utilizing the most effective service options and prevention strategies available. We work quickly to identify the source of your pest problems and implement solutions to eliminate them.

Whether you want to avoid the damage rodents cause or the diseases they spread, you can rely on Prosite for all your rodent control needs. Get in touch with us today to find out which of our services is right for your home and family.