Are You Struggling With Spiders On Your Yakima County Porch?

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common house spider up close

Sitting out on the porch is an excellent way to take in the lovely summer days here in Yakima County. But when you’re trying to relax and you start noticing you aren’t alone, it can ruin the day. Spiders like to build their webs on porches, and Yakima County pest control specialists know this is double-fold during the summer, so we want you to know how to keep them away.

Why Do Spiders Make Webs On Porches?

Food is the main incentive for all types of spiders. They build webs in areas they know will have lots of bugs, therefore trapping a larger number of meals. Porches are attractive to spiders if:

  • The porch is lit up at night.
  • The porch has many insects around it. 
  • The yard has predators that chase the spiders to safer locations, like the porch. 
  • The area around the porch is humid and damp.

Porches tend to have a large number of insects because of the light flooding out at night. As well, the body heat, carbon dioxide, and scents from inside the house make it alluring to all sorts of insects that bite. And if spiders lay their eggs on your porch, tiny spiders in house areas will soon follow.

Are Spiders Attracted To Light?

Spiders like to hang out in dark, spooky places. So, why are they always in places where lights are shining? Insects are attracted to light, and they will be the reason spiders also seem to share this predilection. Anywhere bugs go, spiders will follow and set up webs. Even if you can see their webs in the light, insects aren’t usually able to. Spiders come out at night when their food is caught in the web. 

Exterior Prevention Tips For Spider Control

While bugs are the number one attraction for spiders, they also look for a couple other features on your property: water and hiding places. Even though your porch won’t have all these in abundance, the yard might. From there, they’ll follow the flow of bugs. 

  • To get rid of spiders in your yard:
  • Get rid of cut grass and rake the yard.
  • Trim down all overgrown bushes where they can hide.
  • Cover your compost.
  • Seal your trash cans.
  • Manage your water drainage, such as gutters and downspouts. 
  • Remove all clutter and debris where they can hide.
  • Clear out drains.

Home defense for spiders stems from keeping a clear and clean yard. This will deprive spiders and some of their prey of opportunities to hide. Places free of disruption tend to invite these eight-legged pests in, too, because they’re seeking quiet locations to wait for a meal. Another good idea is to focus on getting rid of the insects around your house. Find out what populations are largest and how to get them off your property. A lot of the time, it will come down to similar tactics with keeping spiders away. As professionals at Prosite, we encourage you to be more aware of monitoring standing water, clutter, and a well-kept yard. Simple upkeep can prevent spiders in home and garden areas from getting out of hand.

Total Home Pest Control For Your Yakima County Home

The best way to get rid of spiders is to deal in tandem with the insects they like to eat. This can make it complicated. Since there is a balance within the ecosystem, their diet might actually help you stave off other invaders that could prove more bothersome. Whether it’s spiders and insects or larger problems, every property needs a good looking-after.

Prosite offers eco-friendly expert pest control service in central Washington. We handle all the pests that our community can encounter. For the best solutions against spiders, insects, or anything worse, contact us today.