Why Are There Silverfish In My Yakima County Home?

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a silverfish on a book

Ever notice something tiny and shiny that scurries by quickly? If so, that yucky pest could be a silverfish. Ever ask, “Why are there silverfish in my Yakima County home?” Invite our professional team members at Prosite to positively identify and handle any issues with silverfish.

What Are Silverfish?

Contrary to the name, these scaly pests are not fish; they are insects. Adult silverfish exhibit a sheen and can be silver, gray, or brown. Usually, no longer than a quarter of an inch in length, these pests may at first glance appear to have many legs, but they only have six legs, three tail-like growths, and two antennae. The movement of silverfish mimics fish as they both move rapidly from side to side.

These nocturnal pests can mainly be seen crawling around at night and will generally scurry off when they are surprised by lights turned on abruptly. Remember that silverfish may look creepy and aren’t welcome in most homes, but they are not harmful to humans.

Why Are There Silverfish In My Yakima County Home?

Silverfish-like places provide the ultimate conditions for getting comfy and reproducing: darkness, coolness, and moisture. Locations with high humidity are prime real estate for these insects. Central Washington homeowners may find these pests in bathrooms, cellars, laundry areas, kitchens, basements, garages, and attics.

Silverfish may come inside buildings, homes, and other structures for various reasons. Shelter in an ideal environment is one attractant. These pests eat some of the same foods that humans do and appreciate access to the abundance of everyday items such as cereal, flour, and dried meat.

These nocturnal insects can enter homes by hitching rides on boxes, books, and even paper. Silverfish that make it onto the property can gain access from the roof, windows, doors, vents, piping, and any cracks in the exterior structure.

Silverfish Prevention Strategies

When it comes to keeping these shimmery pests at bay, using some proven methods towards deterring them can pay off if done consistently:

  • Address Moisture: Don’t let silverfish find a water wonderland on the property, or they could stay for years. Have the plumbing inspected and get any leaks repaired. Install a dehumidifier in extremely damp areas like the basement; empty frequently. Slope landscaped beds away from the dwelling so water will drain away from the house and not pool near the foundation.
  • Clean: Keep food particles picked up and clean floors regularly. Use vacuum attachments to remove dust from baseboards throughout the home. Silverfish like to eat dead bugs, so keeping things tidy will help deter one of their favorite treats. These pests also enjoy dining on glue (even out of carpeting) so help control them by vacuuming carpeting and rugs.
  • Deny Entry: Take time to thoroughly inspect the residence’s exterior, paying particular attention to hairline cracks and fractures. Use caulk to seal these gaps and make it difficult for these creepy crawlers to get indoors. 
  • Employ Food Storage Techniques: Different types of flours, oats, and cereals are best stored in air-tight containers so silverfish cannot access them. Store dried meats in a similar fashion and keep vegetables in the refrigerator.

Summing Up Silverfish In Central Washington

Learning why silverfish are in my Yakima County home can be the first step toward getting these pests out for good. Contact our professionals at Prosite today for more advice or assistance with silverfish removal. Our rave reviews speak for themselves! We offer comprehensive consultations to safeguard our clients and their properties against intrusive pests such as silverfish.