Is Spray Foam Insulation Really Worth It For My Yakima County Home?

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Spray Foam Insulation on windows.

Spray foam insulation in your Yakima County home may be a confusing topic at first, but we’re here to answer your questions about this insulation type. Our experts at Prosite will work with you to help you understand why spray foam insulation is a worthwhile investment for your property.

What Is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is a type of insulation and air barrier material; it is an alternative to fiberglass insulation made of isocyanate and polyol resin combined to create an expanding foam. 

Spray foam insulation can seal the cavities in walls, floors, ceilings, the spaces around electrical outlets or light fixtures, and the areas where walls meet windows and doors. The spray foam protects these areas to help preserve energy and stop air movement.

A significant benefit of spray foam insulation is that it always maintains its shape and fills in the cracks and crevices it’s aimed at entirely upon installation. It doesn’t sag or settle over time, protecting your property against air leakage.

Can Spray Foam Insulation Be Dangerous In My Home?

Spray foam insulation is a very safe type of home insulation when appropriately installed by professionals and allowed to cure fully. Over time, it can help improve the air quality in your home by keeping healthy air in and preventing the infiltration of dust, dirt, and moisture that may contribute to mold.

Spray foam insulation can be unsafe while being applied if you breathe it in directly or if you spend time around it before it has fully cured; doing this can lead to eye and skin irritation in addition to breathing issues. If you trust our professionals at Prosite, we will ensure to safely complete the spray foam insulation before you re-enter your home.

Do The Benefits Of Spray Foam Outweigh The Costs?

While spray foam installation may be more of an upfront cost, the long-term benefits of this insulation type often outweigh the costs associated with the initial installation. Here we list some money-saving benefits that investing in spray foam insulation provides:

  • Over time, spray foam insulation can save you on your energy costs as it helps to prevent air leakages and drafts, increasing the heating and cooling efficiency of your home.
  • Spray foam insulation can help pest-proof and weather-proof your home by sealing the tiny cracks and crevices around interior areas and windows or doors, saving you long-term costs.
  • Because spray foam insulation keeps your home efficient, you may be able to use your HVAC system less, prolonging its life, or downsize your HVAC altogether, saving even more money.

For more information on spray foam insulation and its benefits to your property, contact our expert team at Prosite.

What's The Best Way To Install Spray Foam Insulation?

The best way to install spray foam insulation is to step back and let the professionals take care of it. After all, improper insulation and exposure to spray foam before curing can cause health issues, which is why you don’t want to undertake this task alone. Our team at Prosite knows how to install spray foam most efficiently and reliably possible. We will ensure that the spray foam is applied in every necessary space, fully insulating your home.

Over time, you will benefit from our professional installation of spray foam with energy savings, lower monthly energy costs, and a pest and weather-proof home.