Answering Common Spray Foam Insulation Questions For Yakima County Homes

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When it comes to spray foam insulation, Yakima County homeowners may have plenty of important questions about this insulation type, its installation process, and the potential benefits of investing in spray foam. Our experts at Prosite answer your lingering questions below so you can learn everything you need to know about spray foam insulation.

Can Spray Foam Get Into Tight Or Hard To Reach Areas?

One of the most notable things about spray foam insulation is that it is perfect for filling up tight or hard-to-reach areas. The spray foam can be applied to small spaces and allowed to expand, effectively filling up cracks and gaps in the spaces between walls, flooring, ceiling, the spaces around windows and doors, and the crevices between electrical fixtures or other utility areas. This makes spray foam insulation a perfect choice for filling in the cracks or crevices around your home to prevent air leakage and pest invasions.

Is Spray Foam Insulation Hazardous To Your Health?

Spray foam insulation can be hazardous to your health only if you come into contact with it or breathe it in directly before it has fully cured. However, this is unlikely to happen if you trust Prosite to install your spray foam insulation; our team will make sure that the spray foam has fully cured before you are allowed to re-enter your home.
Additionally, spray foam insulation may actually improve the air quality of your home over time as the tight seal it provides keeps out dust, dirt, pollen, and moisture that can lead to mold problems on your property and trigger breathing issues, asthma, or allergies.

What Are The Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation In A Home?

Spray foam insulation offers many benefits to your home, most of which make the higher upfront cost of this insulation totally worth it. To start with, spray foam insulation allows your home to become more energy efficient; the tight seal it provides stops air from leaking in or out, keeping your home as cool or warm as possible with less use of your heating and cooling systems.
Spray foam can also act as weatherstripping when applied around windows and doors, something that helps to keep moisture and debris out of your home in addition to protecting your property from pests. And, over time, spray foam may help you downsize your HVAC system or increase its lifespan, as you will be using it much less when your home is so efficiently insulated.

How Do You Choose The Right Spray Foam Contractor?

Choosing the right spray foam contractor may be a difficult choice, as you want to make sure that the company you select can safely and reliably install your spray foam insulation in the most stress-free way possible.
Below, we give you a list of items to look out for when it comes to choosing the perfect spray foam contractor for your property.

  • Contractors that work with your schedule and complete installation at the most convenient times for you and those living in your home.
  • Contractors that take their time during installation to make sure the task is done right the first time and meets all of your needs.
  • Contractors that are dedicated to customer service and ensure that all of your questions about the preparation and installation process are answered.

Fortunately, Prosite meets all of these requirements, which makes us your first choice for installing spray foam insulation in your Yakima County home. Contact us today to get started.