Yakima County's Ultimate Bed Bug Prevention Guide

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When it comes to most Yakima County pests, prevention is crucial. If you don't do anything to prevent pests like bed bugs, you might need to pay big money to combat an infestation. It's much more economical to follow a few pest prevention tips and keep these pests from ever setting foot into your home or business.

Don't Make The Number One Mistake

The biggest mistake you could make is to think that bed bugs won't invade your home because you're clean. Unlike cockroaches in Yakima County, bed bugs aren't attracted to filth. They're attracted to people and enter any home with people in it. Because bed bugs can wait for weeks between meals, they may even live in an uninhabited house.

No one is invulnerable to bed bugs. Unfortunately, these local pests are common home Invaders. They're challenging to keep out and pose a severe threat to you and your property. Although bed bugs aren't known to spread diseases, they cause severe discomfort.

When bed bugs bite, they leave behind itchy bumps. They could cause insomnia, anemia, and other complications. If you're a business owner, a single bed bug sighting could ruin you. Why put your business at risk?

How Infestations Begin

You probably can't comprehend how to keep bed bugs out until you understand how infestations start. Typically they begin, during travel. You could stay at a hotel with bed bugs or sit in an airport with bed bugs. Either way, these sly pests might end up in your suitcase or your clothing. When you return to your home, you could be bringing bed bugs with you.

There's another common way bed bugs get into homes. If you buy second-hand clothing or furniture, you're vulnerable to a bed bug infestation. At times, the items come from homes with bed bugs in them. As you bring the things into your home, you're unknowingly inviting bed bugs inside.

If you live in an apartment or have close neighbors, bed bugs could wander into your unit. They're tiny and may crawl under your door. Once again, there's not much protecting you from a major infestation.

How To Keep Yakima County Bed Bugs Away

Now, it's up to you to prevent bed bugs from taking over. You can start by being cautious about buying used furniture or clothing. Check your items for bed bugs, being wary of egg casings, fecal stains, and shed skins. If anything looks suspect, don't bring the item into your home. Wash all used clothing before you bring it inside.

When you stay in hotels, don't allow your luggage to touch the floor or wall. Bed bugs could crawl onto or into your suitcase. Whenever possible, place your bag on a raised surface.

No matter what, be on the lookout for bed bugs. If you wake up with strange bites on your body, consider calling a pest control professional. You could have bed bugs hiding in your mattress. Keep in mind that these pests may also be in your living room, waiting in your furniture for a host to come by.

Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

Under no circumstances is bed bug prevention a guarantee. You could follow all of the tips for bed bug prevention but still have an infestation. For that reason, you should always be ready. At the first sign of an infestation, call us at Prosite.

Our experts come to you quickly, ensuring that you don't need to wait in discomfort. With decades of experience, our company is ready to eliminate bed bugs for good. To find out more, call our team today.