Spotting Bed Bug Problems In Yakima County Homes

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a bed bug crawling on fabric

There may be cute nursery rhymes about bed bugs for when we send our children off to bed, but bed bugs are anything but cute. All pests can be gross and frightening, even when we see them during the daytime, but the scariest of them all is the kind that operates at night, when you’re fast asleep and at your most vulnerable. Bed bugs do just that.

Not only do they infest bedrooms and feast on blood, but these bugs can compromise entire households by hiding in clothing, bags, and furniture. So it pays to know how to spot them and the signs of an infestation, plus where to turn when you realize that a few bites have turned into a nightmare scenario.

Bed Bug Identification

Like most insects, bed bugs are small insects that can be hard to see with the naked eye. While they are difficult to spot, it’s not impossible. These facts can help you know what to look for:

  • Size: Bed bugs are no larger than an apple seed, and can be much smaller when they haven’t feasted. They are often seen in clusters and can be mistaken for dirt or soot.
  • Color: Bed bugs are brown or reddish insects that look darker when full of blood.
  • Shape: They are flat and oval-shaped with six legs and crooked antennae. They are wingless, but adults can appear to have small vestigial wing pads.

Bed Bug Bites & Why They Are A Problem

Often, you’ll see the signs of bed bugs more than you see the pests themselves and the first sign of an infestation is usually the bites they leave behind. Bed bugs feast on warm-blooded animals of all kinds, so humans and pets are at risk of exposure. The bites themselves are small, red dots that are often found in clusters and can be virtually anywhere on the body. Many people develop itchy welts at the site of the bites that can become infected or scarred through repeated scratching.

Where To Spot Bed Bugs

As their name suggests, bed bugs are often found in beds. Making sure your own beds are insect-free is important, but hotels and hospitals are also hotbeds of bed bug activity. But the nightcrawlers can actually hide out anywhere that’s warm and safe enough to go and digest their meals. They can infest furniture, clothing items, containers, and bags. Bed bugs are often introduced to homes by being brought in on infested items, like those bought at second-hand stores and outdoor flea markets. As outdoor human activity picks up in spring and summer, bed bugs are more likely to hitch a ride into the home.

Let The Experts Eradicate The Problem

If you notice any of these signs of a bed bug infestation, peace of mind only comes from professional solutions. Home do-it-yourself solutions often aren’t enough to fully eradicate the populations and sinking money on unproven or ineffective solutions will just make the problem that much harder to manage. 
Our experts have years of experience dealing with bed bugs in Central Washington Homes. Our inspections will cover the whole house to determine just what the problem is and where it’s concentrated. Then, we’ll cater solutions to your property, schedule, and budget. Not only is this convenient and cost-effective, but all our services are also backed by a guarantee.
Don’t suffer the gross, itchy aftermath of bed bugs when professional help is just a call away. Turn to Prosite so you can sleep soundly at night.