Tips To Avoid Stinging Insects During The Late Summer Months In Kittitas

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a yellow jacket on a wooden structure along a kittitas washington  property on a sunny day in late summer

All it takes is a single sting from these striped warriors to strike fear into the hearts of homeowners around the country.

Wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets thrive during the late summer and early fall in many regions of Washington state. While summertime is often considered the peak of bug season, August sees a large spike in insect activity for everyone’s least favorite stinging insects.

After raising hundreds of larvae all summer long, fertile hive queens fly off in search of new homes before the winter season, leaving the worker drones to fend for themselves. Foods high in sugar, protein, and fat, once reserved for developing young, are now free for any member of the hive to consume. This sends droves of hungry hornets out in search of the nearest cookout.

Minimize the Moochers

While you may not be able to entirely remove the threat of stinging insects, know the factors that attract them this time of year and tips to mitigate your risk for stings throughout the active season:

  • Stinging insects love the scent of food and hot garbage. Keep containers sealed and food covered while outside. 
  • Wasps appreciate dips in your lawn where they can stay cool. Fill in ground holes as often as possible. 
  • Keep your lawn healthy to deter nesting in the ground.
  • Keep flowering bushes to a minimum to prevent overpopulation. 
  • Stinging insects may try to infiltrate your home for food. Seal cracks in roofs, windows, and doors as soon as you spot them.

If you still find yourself on the receiving end of stings even after taking preventative measures, you may need professional pest services to identify the issue.

Phone in the Pros

Wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets are resilient pests that are always on the lookout for their next meal. Infestations can and will take place even this late in the year if conditions around your property meet their needs. If stinging insects of any kind are thriving in your yard, take away the conditional and extermination guesswork and get right down to business. Call the knowledgeable professionals at Prosite to receive your free estimate and take back your summer one pest at a time.

After choosing from one of our year-round Sitecare plans, one of our friendly pest technicians will discuss your distinct budget and pest care needs. Every individual is different, and we know the safety of your loved ones is always your top priority. Prosite offers environmentally-conscious pest solutions that are tough on bugs and gentle on the ones you care about most. Call now to discover the Prosite difference, where we’re science-driven, and service-obsessed.