How To Keep Your Kittitas County Apartment Flea-Free!

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Flea crawling on someone's skin.

When you come home, you want to be comfortable and relax; however, fleas can cause you to feel itchy and uncomfortable, and they destroy any sense of relaxation.

If your apartment has become a haven for fleas and you cannot find relief, you need the Kittitas County pest control team of Prosite. Our trained experts will eliminate fleas from your Kittitas apartment so you can rest and relax at home.

I Have No Pets, So Why Do I Have Fleas In My Apartment?

Having many people living in a building has advantages, but one problem is that everyone tends to share the same pest problems. Although you may not have pets, you may be experiencing the fleas from your neighbor's animals.

Apartment residents are separated only by walls, and fleas can navigate between the walls. However, don't be too quick to blame others because fleas hitchhike on pant legs, shoes, and blankets, and you may have inadvertently brought them into your apartment.

Home Remedies For Residential Flea Infestations

It is difficult to get rid of fleas fast due to the vast amount of offspring a flea can produce. Although the life cycle of a flea is only 100 days, during its brief life, a female flea can produce up to 2,000 offspring! The best ways to get rid of fleas in your apartment include the following:

  • Vacuum Daily: Use a sharpshooter attachment to get into the cracks and crevices; clean under furniture and the upholstery. When finished, empty the contents into a bag and immediately place them in an outside container. The fleas can escape your vacuum cleaner through the hose if you do not quickly remove them.
  • Wash Linens And Towels: Clean linens, towels, and bedding using the hottest, soapy water your fabric can withstand. The hot water and detergent will kill the fleas. Dry your laundry in the dryer on the highest heat acceptable to the material.
  • Create A Flea Trap: Fill small bowls with a soapy water mixture and place in infested areas. Do this home remedy daily and place bowls in position at night.

You can enhance the effectiveness of vacuuming by pre-treating carpet and upholstery with baking soda, salt, or diatomaceous earth (food grade option only). If you use salt or the food-grade diatomaceous earth, allow them to stay on the carpet for two days before vacuuming.

Flea Eggs: Everything You Need To Know

Almost half of the flea population in an apartment consists of flea eggs. Fleas are parasitic and live off the blood of the host. Upon feeding, the flea will lay its eggs on the animal host. When the animal moves throughout the area, the eggs fall off into the carpet, upholstery, and other places. Over the next few days, the fleas will develop in the eggs and hatch as flea larvae.

The almost translucent flea larvae are legless and blind upon emerging from the eggs. The larvae prepare for their next phase, the pupae stage, by creating a protective, sticky cocoon. When the flea begins its pupa stage, it enters its cocoon, and it may stay in the protective shelter for weeks, months, and even years until an acceptable host is detected nearby. When the cocooned pupa senses a nearby host, it emerges and attaches itself to the host. At this point, it is now an adult flea.

Complete Flea Control Services For Apartment Homes

Although home remedies are somewhat effective, you can't get rid of fleas without professional help. The best way to eradicate fleas is to utilize our trained experts at Prosite. We use environmentally safe and effective treatments that eliminate fleas and their eggs, thus preventing future infestations. Contact us today, and we will solve your flea problem so you can relax in your apartment.