Effective Rat Control: What Kittitas County Homeowners Ought To Know

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Dealing with a rat infestation is never a pleasant experience. These large rodents are not only frightening but also introduce a variety of harmful bacteria into your home that can make you sick. Today we’ll discuss how you can identify a rat on your property and the most effective way to ensure these pests aren’t a threat to your health and happiness.

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How To Identify A Rat

Rats are one of the larger species of rodents found in and around Kittitas County properties. While certain characteristics may vary between species, the behaviors they exhibit are generally the same for all types of rats. All rats have a larger body size than mice, with hairless, scaly tails and thick fur. Norway rats are the largest rat species to invade homes and businesses. They have a rough fur texture and a more rounded, bulky frame. Roof rats get their name from their propensity to climb onto rooftops, and these rats often have long, slender bodies covered in sleek fur.

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How Rats Spread Diseases And Damage Property

Rats are dangerous pests that can cause several significant problems when they infest residential properties. These big rodents are known for damaging property and spreading a wide array of diseases. Some of the diseases rats carry include hantavirus, leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, and salmonellosis.

Rodent infestations often result in costly property damage due to their constant chewing behaviors. Rats will chew on furniture, personal belongings, pipes, and electrical wires, among other materials. Protect your home and your health from rats by partnering with Prosite for effective, year-round rat control services. 

How To Identify Factors And Reasons For A Rat Infestation

Rats cause serious problems when they infest Kittitas County homes, but why do they invade residential properties in the first place? A few factors that may encourage rats and other rodents to infest your home include:

  • Ample food sources. Open garbage cans, leftover pet food, and improperly stored pantry items can all be food sources for rats.
  • Entry points around your home’s exterior. Loose roof shingles, gaps in your foundation, and cracks around your doorways are common rodent entry points.
  • Plenty of places to hide. Rats prefer to avoid humans, which means boxes, old furniture, and other clutter can help harbor rodent intruders.
  • External factors such as the weather or construction may force them to seek shelter in or around your home.

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Total Rat Control For Kittitas County Homes

Rats are wild animals that require professional assistance to remove from your home. Without assistance, you run the risk of being bitten by or contracting a harmful disease from the rats living on your Kittitas County property. The technicians here at Prosite understand how to get rid of rats using effective methods of rodent control and prevention.

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