How To Decorate Your Kittitas County Home Without The Pests

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Christmas decor outside of a home.

The change of the seasons comes with the fun of decorating. Boxes that we put away last year start coming out, and we begin unpacking Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations that had been sitting long-forgotten in the attic, basement, or garage. Excitement is in the air, familiar scents of the holidays are back, and soon Christmas carols will be playing on the radio. It is time to get merry and start decking the halls! But, as exciting as this time of year may be, destructive pests may give Kittitas County homeowners an unpleasant surprise as they start sifting through their favorite holiday decorations.

Little-Known Secrets To About Stow Away Pests In Kittitas County

Nothing puts a damper on the excitement of holiday decorating like a pest infestation. Boxes full of holiday decorations are typically stored away in locations that provide a perfect home for pests.

Pests that like to stow away in decorations are as follows:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Stink bugs
  • Silverfish

Since pests favor a resting place that is undisturbed and forgotten, decoration boxes are the perfect place for them to call home. Out-of-sight and out-of-mind boxes can have some real surprises for homeowners. Dangerous spiders can be lurking among the garland; mice and rats may be nesting in the folds of tree skirts, and cockroaches, stink bugs, and silverfish may be laying on your most precious ornaments.

The Best Way To Have A Pest-Free Holiday Season In Kittitas County

A family’s excitement to begin decorating may usher in a pest infestation or health issues that ruin their holidays. The easiest way for pests to find a way into your home is when you walk them right in via boxes that hold your holiday decorations. Storage boxes opened inside can release hiding pests into your home. Homeowners that come in contact with decomposing body parts, excrement, saliva, and urine can experience health issues, allergies, and asthma flare-ups. 

To stop pests from ruining your holidays, homeowners should take note of the following suggestions:

  • Unpack boxes of stored decorations outside.
  • Visually inspect storage boxes for any apparent damage.
  • Upon opening boxes, look for signs of pests (webs, gnaw marks, feces, musty smells, etc.)
  • Use caution as you pull things out of boxes (wearing gloves may be beneficial).
  • Thoroughly inspect strings of lights for damage to electrical wiring.

When the holidays are over and it is time to put everything back in storage, homeowners can save themselves future headaches by packing decorations in air-tight containers. Cardboard boxes and bags are an open invitation to pests looking for a quiet, sheltered place to establish a home. While the cost of plastic bins may be slightly more than simple boxes and bags, a pest-free holiday is worth the price.

The Secret To A Pest Free Holiday In Kittitas County

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