Why Spray Foam Insulation Is A Great Choice For Yakima County Businesses

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Insulation, such as foam or other materials used in commercial structures, works as a means of preventing the movement of heat. Specifically, the heat transfer resistance or “R-value” corresponds to the product’s effectiveness in resisting the passage of heat. While the R-value primarily is an indication of how well insulation controls temperature, the comfort level among internal building occupants is also the result of how well insulation regulates humidity and moisture.

While outdoor moisture and humidity penetrate a structure externally, businesses may also generate internal moisture from water use, such as water vapor. When humidity is high, building occupants are susceptible to discomfort and potential health-related concerns such as the development of mold.

We generally differentiate types of spray foam insulation as either open or closed cells based on the density of the material used in the application. High-density closed-cell spray foam insulation offers R-values that approach seven per inch and is appropriate for exterior applications and for beneath roofs. Medium-density closed-cell spray foam offers R-values that reach six per inch and is often for insulating voids within interior walls. Low-density open-cell spray foam offers R-values that equate to roughly 50% of high-density foam options.

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Spray Foam Can Get Into Hard To Reach Places

One advantage to applying insulation during the construction phase is that fewer hard-to-reach voids and crevices exist. With existing structures, spray foam insulation is particularly useful based on how it will enter voids and expand during the drying process. This characteristic is among the primary reasons why the popularity of spray foam insulation has continued since emerging back in the 1970s. Having commercial insulation contractors take care of installing it for you is the best option.

Spray Foam Insulation Creates Long-Lasting Energy Savings

Are you wondering whether spray foam insulation is a viable option that delivers long-term energy savings? Consider some of the following facts from the American Chemistry Council’s Spray Foam Coalition (S.F.C.), an organization that promotes and represents the interests of those in the U.S. spray polyurethane foam industry:

  • The U.S. E.P.A. suggests that installing insulation and stopping air leaks alone creates up to roughly 20% savings on energy bills.
  • Spray foam demonstrates effectiveness in reducing the workload of HVAC systems.
  • In many applications, spray foam may reduce HVAC sizing by up to 35%

Spray foam inherently delivers energy savings in structures of all kinds, particularly because heating and cooling activity represents approximately 50% of the overall energy consumption.

Spray Foam Adds A Layer Of Protection Against Pests And Weather

Spray foam is an effective option for weatherizing a structure by sealing gaps that otherwise may exist in areas such as pass-through holes for wiring or utility lines, vents within a building’s plumbing system, or interior or exterior soffits.

Spray foam insulation provides enhanced durability and resistance that will survive tremendous moisture associated with water intrusion and condensation. Spray foam offers a means of preventing allergens such as dust or pollen as well as unwanted pests.

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