How To Deter Problematic Wildlife From Your Kittitas County Property

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Experiencing wildlife around your property can be a mixed bag. It’s kind of cool to see animals roam around near your house, but it’s also dangerous, not just for your gardens and your pets, but also for your health. One of the most common problems with wildlife is bird control, but squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and others may be visitors to your property as well, and it’s important to know what to do if they become too frequent in their visits. Keep reading to learn more about common property-invading wildlife in Kittitas County, the safest way to handle wildlife problems, and nuisance wildlife removal.

What Is Wildlife?

Most people think of wildlife as only the more majestic or mysterious creatures that appear in forests and fields; however, we see wildlife all the time with pigeons, squirrels, and raccoons.

Bird control is a common complaint when it comes to wildlife. Pigeons can be extremely stubborn and pesky visitors that make it their mission to make you move out of their home. In all seriousness, pigeons grow attached to the places they are born, making residential pest control for pigeons important, as you don’t want them building an attachment to your home. A common method of dealing with pest birds is through exclusion methods, which your local wildlife pest control can install.

Squirrels are another common complaint. These guys can be more than problematic as destroyers of trees, bird nests, and sometimes attics. Grey squirrels, while adorable, are also carriers of serious diseases like tularemia, typhus, and bubonic plague. If they are able to infiltrate your home and drop fleas inside, the health risks become even more extreme.

Other pests like raccoons, marmots, and skunks are not so likely to come inside, but they may come into your yards or gardens and cause damage. In cases like these, aggressive animals like raccoons may become unsafe to have nearby, not to mention that skunks are the second most common transmitters of rabies.

What Is Wildlife Management?

Wildlife removal in Kittitas County is part of wildlife management. While being respectful to the creatures that inhabit our neighborhoods, wildlife pest control and management is able to prioritize human safety and health with wildlife trapping and removal services.

Humanely removing wildlife is an important aspect of wildlife management. Baiting and wildlife trapping should only be done by professionals because of the environmental risk. For nuisance wildlife removal, there is also the risk to one’s safety due to close contact with cornered wild animals. Wildlife management is about managing the risks to both the environment and to human health, and this is a service best performed by professionals.

What Does Pest Control Do?

Certified wildlife specialists with residential pest control will inspect the property, assess risks, and learn more about the problem. Then, they will remove animals through whatever means they can while maintaining their safety, then help you seal and protect your home against future wildlife invaders. For wildlife removal in Kittitas County, you can count on Prosite.

Prosite will not only prioritize your health and safety when conducting wildlife removal, but we will protect the animals to the best of our abilities. Humane and ethical treatment of animals, handled quickly and efficiently, is the protocol at Prosite. Call today to schedule your consultation for all of your pest control needs, but especially for safe and effective wildlife management.