You Shouldn’t Try to Install Spray Foam Insulation by Yourself in Yakima County

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With the rise of social media, do-it-yourself culture has gone mainstream. In a fast-paced, instant-gratification world, it can be refreshing and even empowering to tackle tasks that were once strictly reserved for professionals. Doing things on your own, like building bookshelves or sewing your own clothes, can even save you a nice chunk of change. However, there is a big difference between doing it yourself and cutting corners. Some jobs are better left to the experts, and this is definitely true when it comes to installing insulation.

There Are Many Benefits To Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation was introduced to the construction market in the 1980s and has become a popular choice. It's no wonder spray foam insulation has become so widely used. Spray foam insulation expands to fill any crack or gap, regardless of size or shape. As such, it is virtually airtight and can create a strong barrier between the outdoor elements and the interior of your Yakima County home. Spray foam insulation typically has a higher R-value when compared to other forms of insulation. R-value measures how well an insulation material keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Better temperature regulation often equates to less utility usage and more savings for homeowners.

Trying To Install Spray Foam Insulation Yourself Is Dangerous

As tempting as it may be to install spray foam insulation yourself, it is best to always have insulation installed by a professional. A skilled installer will come prepared for the job at hand with the proper safety gear to avoid physical harm. Spray foam insulation in the eyes, nose, and mouth can be life-threatening. Additionally, an expert will ensure there is proper ventilation so as to avoid any buildup of fumes from the spray foam insulation.

The Complex Process Of Correct Spray Foam Insulation Installation

Despite the name, there is much more to installing spray foam insulation than merely pointing and spraying. An experienced spray foam insulation technician should be able to get the job done smoothly so that you can enjoy your Yakima County home comfortably. There are many materials that spray foam insulation will not adhere to and a lack of knowledge and experience could cost you thousands of dollars in damage control. A professional will examine your home for weaknesses and drafts, put together a plan for how to best insulate your home, and offer you an official quote before work begins. They know how to deal with different rooms, surfaces, wall structures, and codes to guarantee that your home is well taken care of and up to snuff.

The Pros To Know For Quality Spray Foam Insulation Installation

Whether you are considering upgrading your Yakima County home or building new, Prosite delivers exceptional spray foam insulation services. At Prosite, we have open or closed-cell spray foam insulation to fit all of your insulating needs. In addition to sealing your home against the weather, we offer services for single rooms and for soundproofing. We guarantee outstanding customer service, punctuality, transparency, and top-of-the-line results. You worked hard for your Yakima County home and you deserve to enjoy it safely and comfortably, year-round. For a team of professional spray foam insulation technicians that you can depend on, reach out to Prosite today!