What Should I Do About The Bats In My Kittitas County Attic?

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tiny brown bat hanging in a cave

Bats in the attic of your Kittitas County home can be a recipe for disaster and a significant spreader of disease. To learn how to control bats in your house, you should be reaching out to Kittitas County pest control for all the bat control products and information you need.

Why Are Bats In My Attic?

In general, bats will come into your home looking for easy food, water, or shelter. Sometimes, bats invading your home can be by accident as this mammal makes its way through vents that are outputting warm air. Regardless of why bats enter your home in the first place, this wildlife pest will often make its home in the attic due to the dry, warm air found there and the fact that it is a quiet, dark place to roost.

Do Bats Spread Diseases?

Bats are well-known for the disease they carry and the health risks they bring along with them when they invade places. Bats are carriers of rabies and histoplasmosis, which can be contracted from contact with the bat directly or through the droppings that bats leave behind. It is also important to note that bat pest control is required to remove bat droppings, as these release spores of diseases when disturbed that can bring major health risks to your home if not handled properly.

Make sure to reach out to a bat control company in Kittitas County at the first signs of bats in your home, as this is the only way to deal with the dangers this pest brings.

Are Bats Aggressive?

For the most part, bats are not aggressive pests. They will not attack humans unprompted, and they will generally keep to themselves. That being said, if you accidentally come too close to a bat or it takes your presence as a threat to its nest, then they may attack you. This is part of the reason why bat control is so important – understanding how to control bats in your house removes the risk of this pest invading and attacking.

Can Professional Pest Control Help?

If you’re experiencing a bat problem in your home and want to know the best way to control bats in Kittitas County, professional bat pest control can help. Here are the steps that the experts at Prosite will take to ensure that bat control is effective in your home:

  • A full bat inspection of your property will be completed to develop a customized plan of action, including inspecting potential entry points and assessing any bat damage.
  • Once the inspection is finished, a tailored treatment plan will be established by our specialists that allows the humane removal and exclusion of bats while still effectively dealing with any size infestation.
  • Follow-up consultations and friendly customer service ensure that your bat problem stays away and any concerns are quickly addressed. Hence, you have total peace of mind that Prosite’s bat pest control tactics will work.

Bat control is essential for Kittitas County homeowners looking to ensure their home stays free of this pest or those who want to remove an active infestation of bats. Instead of investing in hit or miss bat control products and dealing with the health risks of bat removal yourself, reach out to the best bat control company in Kittitas County. Prosite has effective, targeted bat removal solutions. Call us today.