Grandview's Ultimate Guide To Cockroach Prevention

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cockroach crawling on a concrete wall

There are a lot of different types of bugs that call Grandview home, but arguably the worst of all these pests are cockroaches. They pose a great deal more danger than you might believe. Three different types of cockroaches are ‘native’ to Washington, including the American, German, and Oriental roach. These roaches are a veritable plague on homes and businesses across the Grandview area, eating our food, contaminating prepping surfaces, and otherwise racking up costly repairs and exterminations. 

There are several problems that accompany a cockroach infestation, including food contamination, the spread of serious diseases, and ultimately a lowered quality of life. The latter is perhaps the most important reason why regular pest control efforts around the property are so important.

Foolproof Methods Of Protecting Your Grandview Home And Business From Roaches

While each separate species maintains a unique modus operandi, all cockroaches are drawn to the same general factors. Although they are commonly thought of as the ‘dirty house’ bug, roaches aren’t too picky about where and when they choose to hunker down. In fact, clean homes are just as susceptible to cockroach infestations if they provide certain necessary aspects of roach survival. Some of the most important of these are:

  • The abundance of easily accessible foods and garbage bags, especially crumbs and discarded produce. For roaches, the smellier the foods, the better their feast.
  • The amount of dark or cluttered spaces for the insects to hide. Pests like roaches especially love staying out of the light and will cherish that messy garage or cluttered basement while they skitter around looking for food. 
  • High moisture content in the air, as well as pipe leakage or dripping.

While not all of these factors are controllable, Prosite suggests that homeowners try the following.

  • Identify and seal off any potential entry points, which include cracks and gaps around doors and windows, broken window screens, and rotting or degraded siding around the exterior of the home. Cockroaches are notorious for their ability to squeeze into seemingly any space, and can even slip through the pinhead-wide spaces between piping and wiring.
  • Remove garbage from the home regularly, and dispose of it often. 
    Seal foods in airtight containers or other pest-proof materials. Likewise, dirty dishes should be cleaned regularly and stacked away neatly in their allotted space. 
  • Dehumidifiers are an excellent method for lowering humidity and moisture levels in problem areas around the home. If pipe leakage or drainage backup is generating further concern, reach out to a reputable local handyman for help.
  • Prevention is a great first step towards maintaining a pest-free property. However, if a roach infestation has already been discovered in the home, prevention will no longer be adequate protection. To inspect your home or business for signs of dangerous cockroach activity, call to schedule a free consultation today.

Secure Your Home Or Business Site With The Pros At Prosite

Prevention is the most important aspect of pest control, which is why all professionals in the field agree that consistently treating your home, lawn, and commercial property for pests is the best method of mitigating risks caused by cockroaches and other dangerous insects.

It is important to remember that even the best prevention will not always be enough to keep curious roaches away permanently or curtail previous infestations from reappearing. If cockroaches get into your home or business, don't waste your time trying to get rid of them yourself. Contact the professionals at Prosite to speak with a helpful team member about the pest control plan that's right for you.