The Most Effective Way To Keep Pest Birds Away From Your Kittitas County Business

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Birds are a common sight in our area– so common, in fact, that birds catch people off guard when they become nuisance pests. Species such as pigeons have been referred to with exasperation as flying rats and for good reason. They're just as unsanitary as rodents, with similar interest in your property. Effective bird control is an elusive necessity, which is why the experts at Prosite have put together this quick and easy guide to pest control in Kittitas County. If you're struggling against a pesky flock of birds nesting near your property or just want to learn how to prevent such a problem from cropping up in the first place, we've got your back. Read on to discover what our knowledge and expertise can do for you.

The Types Of Pests Birds You Can Find In Kittitas County

A few different types of birds in our area will frequently become nuisance pests. The first step in effective animal control for birds in Kittitas County is to identify the specific problem correctly. Here are a few of the most common pest birds you may face:

  • Pigeons: a ubiquitous pest bird that has become somewhat dependent upon humans for food and shelter.
  • Woodpeckers: these birds can become incredibly irritating when they decide to attack man-made structures, inflicting a surprising amount of property damage.
  • European Starlings: imported to North America in the 1800s, these pests carry several dangerous disease-causing pathogens.

Most birds become pests because they're after easy food and shelter, which is found readily around human structures, including your place of business. When birds roost around your property, it can impose a surprisingly extensive list of health and safety concerns.

The Problems Birds Roosting Around Your Business Can Create

There are many reasons to look into bird control methods for your Kittitas County business, whether you need to solve an ongoing issue or just want to prevent the problem from emerging. Pest birds can damage property, spread disease, and infest food storage areas. Property damage can happen due to the birds building their nests in any alcove they can find, causing a general mess. Diseases are spread primarily through their droppings, which will quickly litter the entirety of your property if these pests are left unchecked.

Factors That Invite Pest Birds To Roost Around Your Business

Although these pests are extremely common and quite difficult to keep away if they see something they want, there are quite a few things you can do to reduce their desire to invade your place of business. Birds, like other pests, are looking for easy access to food and shelter, so if you can eliminate those essential needs, you'll reduce the number of pests on your property. Any alcoves, crevices or other enclosed areas around your property will be attractive to birds for nests, and any food, garbage, or water left lying around will bring birds in droves. If you're struggling with an infestation, it may be time to contact the pros for bird control solutions for your Kittitas County property.

Contact The Professionals For The Best Bird Control For Your Business

Birds can become a prolific nuisance pest for any property owner. Their nests make a mess, they scavenge and spread disease, and they can become incredibly disruptive and difficult to remove. If you're worried about the possibility of an infestation, reach out to the experts at Prosite. We offer the best bird pest control service in Kittitas County, and our licensed technicians are only a call away.