Yakima County Homeowners’ Complete Guide To Effective Flea Control

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A flea infestation can be very irritating when it begins to take over your home in Yakima County. These tiny pests can carry harmful pathogens that can cause you to become sick, and they thrive off latching onto you or your pets. Fleas can jump around your home in Yakima County and multiply into an army in no time, but there is a solution. Our team is the Yakima County pest control company that can safely and effectively eliminate the fleas that have taken over your home so you can rest easy.

How To Identify A Flea Infestation

Do you know how to spot a flea infestation before it becomes something you can’t handle? It would be best to learn how to identify fleas in your home. They are tiny, and you might not be able to see them outright in some cases. They can blend in with their backgrounds, such as your pet’s fur or your clothing. You can note that they are in your home in a few different ways.

If your pet is acting strange or itching excessively, you might need to check them for fleas. You could always find red marks or dried blood spots on your arms and bedding. For humans, a flea bite can cause you to develop a rash or even hives in some cases. It would be best if you stay vigilant to stop an infestation before it reaches a tipping point.

Why Fleas Pose A Health Risk To Both People And Pets

When considering fleas, you need to be aware of the many health risks that can pose to both you and your furry friends. Flea bites can mean you or your pets could potentially be infected. Such as:

  • Tapeworms
  • Heartworms
  • Cat scratch disease
  • Plague
  • Typhus

If you are bitten and start showing symptoms or feeling bad, you should seek medical help. Flea bites can also trigger allergic reactions that can be dangerous in themselves. These diseases and parasites can prove to be very harmful, even fatal, if left untreated. 

Four Eco-Friendly Flea Prevention Tips For Around The House

Do you know what you can do to prevent a flea infestation around your home? Keep these four easy steps in mind for eco-friendly prevention solutions:

  1. Inspect and wash your pets with flea-repellant soap when they come inside.
  2. Keep your lawn mowed often and cut short.
  3. Spread diatomaceous earth around your yard and foundation.
  4. Spray apple cider vinegar around your home.

These four steps are simple, and you can implant them into a routine to better aid your home. This might not be the most absolute of solutions, but it can help. If you want more effective solutions for your flea infestation, you should call our team.

The Most Effective Flea Control For Yakima County Homes

The best way to get rid of fleas in your house will always be to call in an experienced team of professionals. We at Prosite happen to be just the team for you when you want effective flea control. Not only do we employ a team of talented techs, but we also have many years of experience and know-how under our belt. 

At Prosite, we know all the best ways to get rid of fleas and ensure that they do not return. So you can depend on our service to keep your home clean and clear of these tiny parasitic pests. Don’t wait around for you or your family to become ill or irritated by your flea infestation. Give us at Prosite a call today for more information and request consultation now!