Tips To Deal With A Springtail Infestation In Yakima County

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Yakima County is a great place to live in the wonderful state of Washington. It is full of friendly people, natural beauty, and plenty of things to do. One aspect of Yakima County that is not as great is the abundance of pests that find their way onto properties across the county. Springtails are one of the most common and frustrating pests that infest homes and properties across Yakima County

What Does A Springtail Look Like?

No longer classified as an insect due to their soft bodies and internal mouthparts, these pests are still just as off-putting to find in your home as true insects. Springtails are tiny dark-colored pests, typically between 1/16th and 1/8th of an inch in length. These bugs are non-venomous and do not sting or bite but are able to jump extremely high similar to fleas.

Another unique aspect of these pests is their ability to survive outside during the colder winter months, unlike most other insects. While these pests do not carry or spread disease, bite, sting, or cause property damage, they are still a nuisance and are unsightly to find crawling around your home or property. Springtails on your property left untreated will often attract predator insects onto your property that feed on springtails, making the problem even more difficult.

What Attracts Springtails

As with most other pests, the primary reason for an infestation of springtails is due to a source of food. These pests mainly consume organic material such as decaying plant matter, fungi, insect feces, algae, and mildew. Because of their wide range of potential food sources, it is important to keep your home and property clean and to practice general pest prevention. Infestations of other insects provide sources of food for springtails as well as gardens or plants left unmaintained.

Five Steps To Handle A Springtail Infestation

While these pests are not dangerous or property damage threats, finding swarms of springtails on your property or inside your home can be unsettling. Infestations of springtails will also attract other pests and insects that prey on them if not taken care of quickly. Therefore, it is vital to take any signs of springtail activity on your property seriously and to act immediately.

Five steps you can take to handle a springtail infestation on your property include:

  1. Dehumidifying damp or moist rooms or areas of your home, springtails thrive in wet areas. 
  2. Regularly inspecting and repairing pipes and plumbing in your home as the excess moisture from any leaks will attract springtails. 
  3. Eliminate any areas in your yard with excess mulch, which is a frequent attractant and habitat for springtails. 
  4. Regularly clean and disinfect affected areas and surfaces of your home to repel and kill invading swarms of springtails. 
  5. Use pest control products such as insecticide sprays to kill large numbers of springtails at once. 

For more information on springtail solutions and how to keep them away from your property, feel free to reach out to the experts at Prosite.

Professional Springtail Extermination In Yakima County

While practicing springtail prevention strategies on your property is an essential and effective way to reduce the chance of infestation, springtail infestations can still occur despite your best efforts. Luckily for Yakima County residents, Prosite is here to help eliminate and prevent springtail infestations.

Prosite, a local Yakima County pest control specialist, is committed to our mission of keeping local homes and businesses safe and pest free. Our team of certified and highly trained pest technicians has experience dealing with springtail infestations and the variety of other pests that cause problems on Yakima County properties.

Call us today to get rid of your springtail issue before it creates a bigger problem. We will work with you to create a customized home pest control plan for your specific situation. We offer no-obligation inspections and provide flexible scheduling options for all of our clients.