How To Keep Pests From Spending The Winter In Your Kittitas County Home

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As winter approaches, it is even more important to have a plan for pest control in Kittitas County. That’s because while many pests that can plague your home are year-round, most of them have an aversion to the cold. As a result, they look for more hospitable shelter during the winter. Your home provides the perfect solution for them!

In order to prevent pests from finding their way into your home this winter, consider home care pest control. In this blog, we’ll review which pests you should be on the lookout for as cold weather approaches. We will then discuss the damage these unwanted intruders can cause and the risks they pose to your family. Lastly, we’ll review five effective methods for pest exclusion and how Prosite can help take care of your needs for the upcoming season.

Many Pests Will Try To Spend The Winter In Your Home

Kittitas County is home to a number of different kinds of pests, including spiders, insects like ants and roaches, rodents, and wildlife. Year-round, these pests enter your home in hopes of finding accommodating shelter and food. Many look to inhabit and nest in remote areas, like crawl spaces, inside walls, and in the attic. They almost all prefer warm climates to colder ones. For instance, cockroaches have a predilection for warm, humid places.

Important to keep in mind is that food, for the most part, becomes scarcer outside during the colder months. Spiders primarily eat small bugs. If insects move inside in search of food, spiders will follow. Many rodents scavenge for vegetation outside, but as options become scarcer, they are more likely to seek alternate sources in your home. As a result, both food and warmth become motivators for various pests to move into your home during the colder months.

The Damage And Health Risks Pests Can Create In Your Home

The pests that you are more likely to deal with during the winter are not all innocuous. Depending not the intruder, they bring with them damage and disease. For instance, rodents are characterized by having incisors that never stop growing. In order to combat this and file down their teeth, squirrels, rats, and mice need to constantly chew on hard surfaces. With a winter rodent infestation, many aspects of your house are at risk of being ruined by this gnawing – from siding and building materials to electrical wiring and personal belongings.

In addition to property damage, rodents spread dozens of troublesome diseases ranging from hantavirus to salmonella. And rodents are not the only pests that spread disease. Many of the other pests that try to enter your home in the winter season bring illnesses. What’s more, you often can contract maladies from pests without actually coming into contact with them. Merely touching their left-behind urine, feces, saliva, or nesting materials can spread the bulk of these bacteria and pathogens.

Five Naturally Effective Ways To Keep Pests Out

Keep in mind that pests often enter your home through tiny openings, some as small as the width of a pencil! The following are great starting points for DIY pest control for the home:

  1. Seal foundation cracks
  2. Replace broken window screens
  3. Maintain airtight containers for food
  4. Remove trash regularly
  5. Keep a tidy home

Call Prosite for further pest exclusion tips.

Contact Prosite For A Pest-Free Home All Year

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