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What is more important to your business than its reputation? Owning and operating a business is hard work. You work every day to serve your customers. Whether you operate an apartment building, a coffee shop, a warehouse, or a hardware store, a top priority needs to be providing a sense of safety and comfort to your customers. That's why businesses prioritize pest control in Kittitas County for quality commercial pest control.

Proper commercial pest control is of the utmost importance for all businesses. How would your customers feel if a cockroach ran across your coffee shop floor? What would your tenants think if they found an eight inch roof rat in their kitchen? How would you react if your customers became sick due to a preventable pest infestation? In this blog, we'll delve into some of the pests that might perpetrate your business. We'll discuss how this affects reputation and how you can prevent a pest problem. 

The Many Pests That Can Invade Your Business

Businesses in Kittitas County have to contend with a variety of pests on a daily basis. You may come across wildlife that encroaches on your property. On the other hand, you may receive unwanted visitors in the form of rodents, spiders, roaches, termites, and more. What's worse than a cockroach in your deli? Thankfully, Prosite offers a comprehensive plan for restaurant pest control.

Some pest exclusion techniques are universal; they can help keep many types of pests out of your business. We'll discuss a number of these pest exclusion methods in this blog. 

A Pest Infestation Can Quickly Ruin Your Business's Reputation 

In business, nothing is more important than your reputation. It takes years to build a reputation and no time at all to ruin it. A pest infestation is a major cause of reputation damage.

Rodents chew through wood floors and molding. Termites tunnel through the very structure of your building, which in turn results in sagging walls and dented areas. Cockroaches leave unsightly grease marks on your floors and surfaces. The list goes on. Many of these pests also spread disease, including hantavirus, plague, salmonella, and more!

Having pests in your business is a big problem. It causes unsightly and unsafe property damage, spreads disease, and gives your customers the impression that you don't respect them and value their patronage. For these reasons, forgoing proper pest control services for commercial needs can be a costly error in judgment.

Pest Prevention Procedures You Can Implement In Your Business

As a business owner, there are a number of pest exclusion methods that you can implement. Take a look at the following steps to make your business less susceptible to a pest invasion:

  • Declutter your building.
  • Trim back shrubs from the building exterior and tree branches from the roof.
  • Take out the trash regularly.
  • Repair cracks in your building's foundation and exterior walls.
  • Repair or replace broken window screens.
  • Keep gutters clean and maintain drainage systems.
  • Use natural repellents.

These methods effectively remove entry points for pests, do away with their food sources, and introduce stimuli that pests find undesirable. They better your odds against a new infestation, but they are not generally enough to combat existing pest issues.

Professional Pest Control Is A Smart Investment For Your Business

Your number one focus is on running your business, not implementing DIY pest control. Thankfully, at Prosite, our first priority is helping companies maintain a pest-free environment with commercial pest control services. For over a decade, we have been helping our customers in Kittitas County with residential and commercial pest control. Let us help your business by keeping it devoid of unwanted pests, in turn, keeping your customers happy and coming back! Call us today to schedule an appointment with a Prosite technician. We will thoroughly inspect your business and recommend a program that perfectly suits your needs.