Four Simple Tips To Keep Dangerous Wildlife Away From Your Kittitas County Property

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raccoon on a roof

When the local wildlife invades your Kittitas County property, it can cause a lot of danger to you and your property if not addressed quickly or properly. Some of the most common nuisance animals to invade homes are:

  • Chipmunks: This animal is basically a pygmy squirrel that has adapted to exploiting rocky terrain and forest understories. However, they also invade homes when close to civilization.
  • Squirrels: There are many types of squirrels in the area, and they're all willing to den in chimneys, attics, and soffits making them a likely home invader.
  • Raccoons: Raccoons are famous because they will get into anything in their search for something to eat. They are often found in cities and get into people's buildings more often than we would like.

Examining The Threat Level

With the nuisance wildlife we mentioned, there are a few very real concerns that must be understood to ensure everyone remains safe. First, all three are going to be more scared of you than you are of them. This can provoke them to act aggressively or scamper off to hide making it difficult to catch them.
In the case of raccoons, disease transmission is a serious concern. Some diseases like rabies, tuberculosis, and infectious enteritis among others are known to be linked to raccoons and other similar animals. With the threat to your safety and health, it's always a good idea to use professional wildlife control specialists to handle any removal or exclusion needed.
The other main concern is property damage. The constant chewing, scurrying, crawling, and other activity leads to severe damage that will cost a lot to repair if the animal isn't removed quickly and effectively. 

Nuisance Wildlife Prevention

Wildlife prevention is much better to do than wildlife control. After all, if they don't get inside, then there isn't a problem in the first place. Stick to the following four tips to remain protected: 

  • Existing Damage: If you have damaged openings or access points, then the animals can get inside all too easily. Make the necessary repairs and block these access points off to keep the wildlife outside where they belong.
  • Roof inspection: The roof is a favorite for all three animals mentioned plus any others we didn't discuss. Inspect the roof for leaks, water damage, and general disrepair while performing your inspection.
  • Landscaping: The wilder your yard, the more inviting it is to wild animals. Trim back branches and hedges. Mow the grass. Store firewood 20 feet away. Do anything you can to keep the property neat and maintained.
  • Watch the trash: Raccoons love your trash. They will happily get into it and dig for food. The best thing to do is to invest in metal trash cans with sealed lids to keep them out. If they can't get into your treasure, they'll find somewhere else to go.

Controlling The Local Wildlife With Prosite

Our team at Prosite uses a comprehensive multi-step process to evict unwanted wildlife successfully every single time. Our process involves:

  • Onsite Inspection: Without fail, we always perform a thorough inspection to assess the severity of the infestation and properly identify the wildlife in question. This includes finding out how they got inside in the first place.
  • Wildlife Removal & Sealing: We implement a customized wildlife removal plan focused on humane animal trapping whether it's a single animal or a whole colony.
  • Follow Up Service: We return weekly to ensure the problem has been resolved so you know your results are guaranteed.
  • Sealing: After confirming there are no more problems, we take the time to seal off any openings to prevent future infestations.

Are you in need of wildlife control? Give our team at Prosite a call and we'll happily assist you in getting your wildlife problem under control.