Is It Dangerous To Have Bed Bugs In My Yakima County Home?

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Bed Bug infested box spring.

There are a lot of opportunities to sightsee in Yakima County. Located in sunny Washington, it is a hotspot for activities that are sure to please visitors and residents alike. When traveling to Yakima, you are encouraged to visit art galleries, sporting events, museums, and festivals. While these activities sound great, they all provide public hotspots for bed bugs to catch a ride and come home with you.

Here’s A Quick Way To Identify Yakima Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic hitchhikers who feed on blood and must have regular meals to sustain themselves. Since bed bugs can access any structure (clean or dirty), homeowners should especially know their physical characteristics.

Seven characteristics of bed bugs include the following:

  1. Nymphs (immature bed bugs) are about the size of a pinhead.
  2. Adults are about ¼ inch long (the size of an apple seed).
  3. Nymphs are almost colorless.
  4. Adults are a mahogany color when unfed; they are reddish-brown when fed.
  5. Adults have wing pads, but they have no wings with which to fly.
  6. They have six legs.
  7. They have two antennae.

What Everybody Should Know About The Dangers Of Bed Bugs In Yakima County

Bed bugs do feed on warm-blooded animals, but they prefer humans. The good news is that they are not known to spread disease. The bad news is that they can cause a lot of annoying problems.

Four problems caused by bed bugs include:

  1. Itching (excessive scratching can lead to secondary skin infections)
  2. Insomnia (excessive scratching and irritation can lead to loss of sleep)
  3. Allergic reactions (some reactions can lead to a need for medical attention)
  4. Anemia (caused by large infestations and prolonged exposure)

Why Bed Bugs Are Difficult To Prevent And Control In Yakima County

Bed bugs show up in areas where humans spend a lot of time. This fact alone makes them a significant problem when it comes to prevention and control.

Prevention and control are challenging for the following reasons:


  • Bed bugs are everywhere. They hang out in public areas where they hitchhike to their final destinations. Places they hang out in include: hotels, hospitals, airplanes, libraries, trains, and buses.
  • They are found in second-hand stores and at yard sales.
  • Everyday items such as boxes, purses, briefcases, laptop cases, and clothing can have bed bugs riding on them.
  • Bed bugs can be brought into schools from other homes and attach to your child’s clothing, backpacks, and shoes.


  • Bed bugs are tiny and difficult to spot.
  • They are often confused with other pests that infest homes.
  • Bed bugs are elusive; they can be found almost everywhere in your home.
  • Favorite bed bugs hideouts are typically in hard-to-reach areas such as mattress buttons, inside box springs, and in the cracks and crevices of wood and walls. They can hideout behind wallpaper, inside electrical switches, and within picture frames. They are even in cars!

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Yakima County

With bed bugs coming into homes from every direction, it is best to keep bed bug professionals on speed dial. At the first sign of a bed bug infestation, homeowners should call Prosite. We are confident in our bed bug exterminating services, so much so that we offer customers a guarantee to qualifying properties. Our company is science-driven and customer-obsessed. Learn more about bed bugs and how to get rid of them by calling Prosite today.