What To Do About Roaches In Your Kittitas County Home

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a cockroach in a kitchen

Living in Kittitas County means you must have seen a cockroach or cockroaches. There are several types of roaches commonly found in Kittitas County, and they can all cause a big problem. Cockroaches usually come from two sources. There are outdoor roaches that find their way into homes or businesses and indoor ones that enter through holes or cracks in the wall.

Cockroach species found in Kittitas County include German, Oriental, brown, house, and American roaches. Cockroaches are very hardy and can live for several months without food, water, or shelter. Because of the egg cases that are often found around cockroaches, cleaning up after them can be an endless task. Cockroaches can also move to new places very quickly.

Interesting Facts About Cockroaches

Cockroaches can fall as far as eight feet without injury. They can climb up smooth surfaces such as kitchen cabinets and refrigerator doors and even hang from the ceiling. Cockroaches can also run very fast, at close to three miles per hour. And they carry diseases, including salmonella and dysentery. They also can serve as a host for more than 35 other types of bacteria.

How Do Cockroaches Get Inside Your Kittitas County Home?

Cockroaches are small, quick, and prolific breeders. All these factors make it easy for them to multiply inside your home and why it’s so difficult to keep them out or get rid of them once they get in. Let’s look at some aspects of your Kittitas County home to see how they make their way inside:

  • Through openings around pipes
  • Under screens in windows and doors
  • Through electrical cords and outlets in the wall
  • From sink and toilet pipes
  • Through gaps between floorboards
  • They can also enter through cracks or holes in walls that they may have chewed

When safeguarding your Kittitas home from cockroaches there's no gap too small to leave unattended.

Preventing Cockroach Infestations

DIY methods and over-the-counter products can work but only temporarily. They often fail to control a cockroach infestation. Simply because they only deal with the ones you can see and don't reach the ones still hiding.

You can consider these measures to reduce the risk of a cockroach infestation in your Kittitas County home:

  • Do not leave food out for pets or children, as it attracts cockroaches.
  • Do not leave any food scraps or crumbs on counters.
  • Clean up spills immediately, or else these can lead to increased infestations.
  • Wash garbage cans often since they are more likely to harbor cockroaches than other containers.
  • If you move into another home or apartment with cockroach problems, hire a pest control company that uses heat treatment on outdoor areas around your home.
  • Keep your drains clean.
  • Do not keep boxes of old newspapers in your yard because they may serve as a hiding place for cockroaches to nest in until they find their way into your home through walls or ceilings.

While this may seem counter-intuitive, it’s best not to attempt to treat your own home yourself. This is because cockroach eggs can hatch in as little as two days, and their lifecycle is about four weeks long. The best way to protect you and your family from the dangers of cockroaches is with professional pest control by contacting Prosite to deal with an infestation.