Pest Control Services in Yakima County

The central Washington region has a number of pests that can cause problems for business owners and homeowners. Carpenter ants, termites, yellow jackets, wasps, rodents and bed bugs are all troublesome critters. At Prosite Pest Control, we can examine each and every infestation and develop a plan of action that will eliminate the offending animals. Whether clients are interested in commercial or residential pest control, we'll be able to use cutting-edge extermination techniques to make the target structure free of unwanted pests.


There are three primary types of nuisance ants that are found in this area. Carpenter ants are capable of causing serious damage to homes, and they've been known to hollow out the inside of every wall by chewing through the wood to create convenient tunnels. These are large ants that can deliver a painful bite that often breaks the skin, and that pain is made worse by their ability to spray a defensive chemical into the wound.

Even though they are quite small, odorous house ants are a nuisance because a single colony may contain as many as 100,000 individuals. Pavement ants also invade area homes, and several colonies of up to 10,000 individuals may take up residence in your home at one time. They both tend to make their nests underneath carpeting, beneath flooring or inside wall crevices, and they'll come out in great numbers in search of any food that is available in your home.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs may come into your home by hitching a ride in your luggage or on a piece of used furniture. Once they're inside, they'll take over your bed, your children's stuffed toys and any other cloth-based items that they can find. Bed bugs feed on humans at night, and you may wake up with bites that become infected when scratched. An infestation of bed bugs can be difficult to eliminate, but we use only the effective Thermal Plus heat-treatment process that guarantees the fast elimination of every last bed bug.

Yellow Jackets and Wasps

A sting from either of these insects may prove deadly to those who are allergic, and even those who aren't allergic experience severe pain when stung. Both thrive in colonies that often contain thousands of individuals, and both will aggressively defend their territory by delivering multiple stings. Yellow jackets are often found in wall crevices, and you'll generally find wasps behind shutters and under building overhangs.


Rats are a big problem in even the cleanest homes in the area, and you may find Norway rats, roof rats and black rats sharing your space. The common house mouse is also a regular unwelcome guest, and all of these rodents enter homes in search of food and good nesting spots. Each of these rodents can cause damage to your home because of their constant chewing, and fires have been started because they chew through electrical wires. The rats also carry a variety of serious diseases that can be transmitted to humans, and these include salmonella and rat-bite fever.


Both the American cockroach and the common brown cockroach are a big problem for area residents. These are rapid breeders, so you may end up with a huge infestation on your hands in a very short period of time. Cockroaches present a serious health threat because they'll get in your food, and that leaves you vulnerable to the diseases that they carry. These include cholera, leprosy and typhoid fever.