Tick Control in Cle Elum & Surrounding Areas

During the humid summers of the northwestern U.S., Washington is no stranger to tick infestations. These small bodied arachnids are known for attaching themselves to pets, but they are equally dangerous to humans. Since they are related to spiders, they feed by latching on with tiny pincher like fangs, and sucking the blood of their host. Unlike their 8 legged 2nd cousins, ticks are parasitic. They are actually a larger type of mite.

A Real Health Risk!

The dangers of tick bites are a serious medical concern. Every species of tick can spread illnesses, but some types of ticks are known for carrying one particular illness. In and around Ellensburg, we typically see deer ticks and Rocky Mountain wood ticks. The latter has a life threatening spotted fever named after it, and deer ticks are known transmitters of Lyme disease. Within the medical community, it's disputed whether or not you're ever cured of Lyme disease. Some argue that people with Lyme disease can become symptom free with a few months of treatment, but others say the disease causes irreversible neurological damage over time.

The Right Toolset

Prosite Pest Control is equipped with the tools to reduce tick populations in and around your home. Using tried and true treatment applications, we'll effectively eliminate the problem using two solutions. First, one of our pest control experts will identify conditions that support tick breeding. We'll address these problems with treatment, or physical removal of the tick breeding ground. Leaves, woodpiles and crawl spaces are common areas that ticks thrive in.

If we can identify the source of the infestation, we will do whatever we can to remove it. When the breeding area cannot be located, we'll use our integrated pest control system to prevent disease causing ticks from invading your home. If you're concerned about your family's safety against ticks, Prosite provides free quotes for pest control in Ellensburg and surrounding areas. If you've already discovered a tick infestation on your property, call us for an effective pest control solution against every Washington tick species.