Thermal Plus℠ Signature Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Prosite signature bed bugs service has been designed to completely destroy bed bugs. We have taken what we know about bed bugs, including the challenges faced in their control, and created a service that delivers results at every angle of an infestation. The multi-step Thermal Plus℠ process guarantees a fast, reliable resolution to the bed bug problem, a terror that many people face with little knowledge of what to do.

Services include:

  • Free initial inspections

  • Reduced chemical use as apposed to traditional liquid treatments

  • Pre-treatment removal of visible bed bugs to minimize population spread

  • Residual product placement for mult-dimensional control

  • trategic heat placement for guaranteed lethal control

  • Air flow management that ensures heat penitration

  • Bed bug elimination the same day of service

  • State of the art, remote temperature reporting provides time stamped data that proves we deliver a successful lethal treatment

  • Post treatment inspections to guarantee elimination

  • Peace of mind, with discreet service that doesn’t bring attention to property or neighbors

  • Unprecedented scheduling offering fast infestation resolution

Telltale Signs:

  • Red welt-type bites on the skin

  • Live bugs

  • Blood spotting in bed

  • Fecal deposits (dried excreted blood)

  • Cast skins

  • Egg deposits

Hot Spots:

  • Carpet edges

  • Mattresses

  • Box springs

  • Headboards

  • Bed frames

  • Upholstered furniture

  • Under and behind baseboards

  • Wall hangings

More Facts:

  • Typically, 85% of infestation is found in or around sleeping areas

  • Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers making their spread hard to control

  • Bed bugs like tight spaces that are not disturbed, this makes their detection very challenging