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Homeowners frequently wonder if pest control measures are going to be harmful to their children or pets. They often fail to call professionals when the time comes to deal with an infestation of household pests because they are concerned about the use of harsh chemicals. What you should know, however, is that the pests themselves can pose health and safety risks to household occupants. Rodents carry disease that can affect you and your children as well as any furry friends that live with you in your home. If you are like most homeowners, you have probably discovered first hand that home remedies for pest control really don't work.

Environmentally Conscious

Here at Prosite, we specialize in environmentally conscious pest control applications designed to eliminate the problem while keeping children and household pets safe. Some of our products occur naturally in the environment and are much more effective against certain types of pests than the use of harsh chemicals. We are also experts in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, which essentially means that we are skilled in using several different types of controls to eliminate an infestation. For instance, rodent control involves several different activities if homes are going to be kept rodent-free.

Instead of using high amounts of poison to control rodent populations, IPM methodology focuses on prevention of further infestations in order to avoid the constant use of potentially dangerous chemicals. It won't do you much good, for instance, to fail to follow up treatment for rodents with blocking off all means of access to your home from outside. More rodents will simply move in and make themselves at home in your indoor environment, creating a situation where the whole elimination process will have to be repeated.

We are also committed to leaving a small carbon footprint as well as realize the importance of maintaining a healthy and pest-free home. Contacting us today for a free quote is your first step in getting household pest infestations under control in an environmentally conscious and safe manner.

As the seasons come and go we are often reminded by certain pests that follow this ebb and flow. Some of these pests are beneficial to our environment; however most of these pests are harmful to our health, homes, property, and investments. Control of these pests can be found through our constant use of Integrated Pest Management.

IPM is a long term strategy designed to keep pest population levels below desirable thresholds through inspections, sanitation recommendations, biological, mechanical, and cultural controls, exclusion and the judicious use of materials as necessary. This poses an advantage over the “one size fits all” approach to Pest Management, allowing you peace of mind, as today’s latest technology goes to work for you.

Before & After

These pictures show the damage done to an attic by squirrels. The squirrels had chewed through the eves of the building and into the attic. Naturally when a home is found, only the prized possessions are brought into the dwelling. In the case, it was pine cones…Thousands of pine cones! The pine cones had Carpenter Ants inside them, and as time went on the insulation in the attic became a nest for squirrels and ants. The attic was cleaned, treated for Carpenter Ants and eves were screened to deter squirrels from entering again.

"An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure"

This is a picture of a deer mouse infestation in a 2006 home, shows the substantial damage that can be done in short amount of time. Once the mice had fully infested the crawlspace they gained access to the walls through small openings behind heat ducts. These mice were able access the whole house through wall voids without the occupants seeing them.

Preventative maintenance is far more economical to implement than the corrective measures taken to turn an active infestation around. Protect your investment by using a prevention plan designed just for you.