Yakima & Kittitas County Pest Control Solutions

Prosite Pest Control is proud to provide its fast, affordable and effective pest control solutions to residential and commercial propererties in all Kittitas & Yakima County towns such as Ahtanum, Cle Elum, Easton, Ellensburg, Friutvale, Grandview, Kittitas, Lake Cle Elum, Lake Kachess, Liberty, Moxee, Ronald, Roslyn, Selah, Snoqualmie Pass, South Broadway, South Cle Elum, Suncadia Resort, Sunnyside, Teanaway, Terrace Heights, Thorp, Toppenish, Tumble Creek Resort, Union Gap, Vantage, West Valley and Yakima.

Residential Pest Control

Prosite offers critical and regular assistance with these creatures for our residential, commercial and industrial clients. No matter what kind of environment you possess, we know how to treat it for pests and make it livable for you. We offer these services year round and recommend that you do not wait until you have a real problem.

Pests are always there. If you can see them, then you are only looking at the tip of the iceberg. Simply spraying with over-the-counter products will not eliminate pests. It will only push them back into the surroundings for a while. Worse, misuse of these products threatens your health. Our professional exterminators can get at these nuisances without ever putting you or anyone else in harm’s way.

We tailor our services so that they meet the exact needs of whatever environment our clients inhabit. Our goal is to treat each location so well that you never see the bugs and other creatures that infest your surroundings. With Prosite watching out for you, pests do not stand a chance.

Commercial Pest Control

From restaurants to hotels, many pests have limitless options to “dine and dwell”. The options for control can be tailored to your buildings needs through Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Pests are everywhere. They breed in abundance in any space that is conducive to the laying of eggs and the survival of their young. If they are not completely eradicated from their breeding grounds, their presence can wreak havoc in a place. People often try to subdue them by using regular insecticides; that is only a temporary solution. Before long, they will be back, starting their annoying process all over again. The best solution for eliminating pests is to hire a professional company like Prosite Pest.

As professionals in the pest control business, we monitor, service and evaluate your situation. We use commercial-grade products to help keep your establishment free of disturbing pests. Not only will this bring peace of mind to business operators, but it will help to reduce the spread of germs and diseases spread by most pests. For all your pest elimination needs, contact Prosite Pest for a free quote.

Lawn & Outdoor Pest Control Solutions

Turf destroying insects can be difficult for homeowners to properly identify and control. There are many insects that can cause significant damage to your St. Augustine lawn. The most common turf destroying insects such as chinch bugs, mole crickets, and sod web worms can destroy a lawn quickly if left untreated. Shrub insect control requires more expertise than turf insect control. Shrub insects are numerous and varied, and some are plant specific. Some of our more common landscape shrubs are more prone to attack than others. Care must be taken to apply the proper insecticide for the plant as some plants are sensitive to certain chemicals.

In order to achieve long lasting perimeter protection we have incorporated perimeter granulation into our service. This regular granulation of your homes perimeter structure and flower-beds will help control a variety of pests from approaching your home and control the fire ants in your yard. The granulation is a water-activated form; therefore, have a high resistance to the elements, thus is not washed away by rain or irrigation. These water-activated granules will play an important role in providing long- lasting perimeter control.

A Different Approach to Different Problems

Residential Services

Here at Prosite, we specialize in environmentally conscious pest control applications designed to eliminate the problem while keeping children pets safe.

Commercial Services

We are dedicated to bringing you the best service with all of our commercial pest control services. We provide service for all commercial buildings and establishments.

Lawn Services

Many lawn damaging insects and weeds can rapidly overtake your grass and other plants, causing significant damage to your lawn and making it much harder to maintain.


If you have a child, pet or just prefer eco-friendly options we are able to provide you with a treatment that is green and safe to use around children or pets.

Sanitation & Cleanup

We pride ourselves in taking on tough jobs that no one else will want touch and restoring even filthy environments to clean and healthy livable safe spaces.

Odor Control

Unhousebroken pets and wildlife may decide to urinate or defecate in hidden places in the house. Even diligent pet owners cannot eliminate all the odors caused by pets.