Sanitation & Filth Cleanup

Because many commercial and residential housecleaning companies will not accept jobs that involve removing and cleaning up certain types of bio-hazards, home and business owners are frequently at a loss when faced with situations where sanitary standards have slipped into unhealthy and unsightly conditions. For instance, commercial and residential structures that have fallen victim to mold infestations require specialized treatment that most housekeeping company personnel is not trained in, and specialized equipment is usually a necessity for these types of jobs. If your building has been sitting empty for a period of time, rodents may have set up shop to the extent that the situations requires the services of a professional pest removal team. That's where Prosite comes in -- no infestation is too great for us to handle. We're trained to return your residential or commercial property to pristine condition no matter what sort of unlivable mess it's become.

We pride ourselves in taking on tough jobs that no one else will touch and restoring even filthy environments to livable spaces. We're even willing to tackle situations where hoarding habits have created environments that others have given up on as impossible.

We also understand that odors can permeate household surfaces to the extent that they are extremely challenging to remove, and we've dedicated ourselves to mastering the most effective odor-removal techniques available. We believe that our job isn't finished until all traces of foul odors are completely removed and every surface in your building is sparkling and sanitary.

If you have property that is has become overrun with filth and infestations of pests, you should take back control of what you own by giving us a call today. We're the company that smart homeowners call when other cleaning businesses run the other direction. You can be assured that we've got the equipment, the trained personnel and the determination to eliminate any infestation. Contacting us for a free quote is your first step in restoring your residential or commercial property.