Lawn & Outdoors Pest Control Solutions

Insects are not a common cause of residential lawn damage in Yakima & Tikkita, but certain species may occasionally damage or kill turfgrass. Insect feeding can cause grass to turn yellow or brown or die, especially if the grass is already stressed. Damage usually begins in small, scattered patches, which may merge into large dead areas. However, lack of proper cultural care and use of inappropriate grass species in a particular location are much more likely to cause unhealthy or dying lawns than insects. Vertebrate predators such as skunks, raccoons, wild pigs, and birds may be attracted to turf infested by insects, especially white grubs in autumn, and cause further damage by uprooting grass in search of their prey. For more information about these pests see the pests library section of the Prosite Pest Control web site. Disease-causing pathogens, excessive or inappropriate use of chemicals such as fertilizers and herbicides, and dog urine also produce damage resembling that of insects. Before taking any insect control action, be certain insects are causing the damage and not something else and that the insect pest is present in life stages susceptible to control actions.

Turf and Perimeter Protection

Turf destroying insects can be difficult for homeowners to properly identify and control. There are many insects that can cause significant damage to your St. Augustine lawn. The most common turf destroying insects such as chinch bugs, mole crickets, and sod web worms can destroy a lawn quickly if left untreated. Shrub insect control requires more expertise than turf insect control. Shrub insects are numerous and varied, and some are plant specific. Some of our more common landscape shrubs are more prone to attack than others. Care must be taken to apply the proper insecticide for the plant as some plants are sensitive to certain chemicals.

Residual products will be used on the outside foundation of the house to ensure long lasting control. The power spray will provide an immediate knockdown for a wide array of pests. In addition to a quick knockdown, the power spray will provide a protective residual barrier that will continue to control pest activity for 60 to 90 days.

In order to achieve long lasting perimeter protection we have incorporated perimeter granulation into our service. This regular granulation of your homes perimeter structure and flower-beds will help control a variety of pests from approaching your home and control the fire ants in your yard. The granulation is a water-activated form; therefore, have a high resistance to the elements, thus is not washed away by rain or irrigation. These water-activated granules will play an important role in providing long- lasting perimeter control.

Spiders often build their webs in the eaves of your home. These webs have egg sacs that contain hundreds of spiders inside. The de-web is a way to destroy these egg sacs and control the spiders from entering into the home when the door is opened. Periodically dusting weep holes and other cracks and holes along the base of the foundation will disrupt nesting areas around the foundation of your home or business.

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