Ellensburg, WA Pest Control

Ellensburg is as centrally located as a city can get in the state of Washington, and that’s one reason why its population continues to grow. Even with the arrival of new residents and businesses, Ellensburg still retains its old-fashioned charm with historical buildings lining the downtown streets. One thing that's also stayed the same is the pest problems that can plague even the most vigilant home and business owners in Ellensburg. Pests are everywhere, but you can stay one step ahead of them with Prosite Pest Control.

Residential Pest Control

rodent cardDiscovering that you have pests in your house can wreck your peace of mind. Cockroaches, ants, spiders and mice are not only unpleasant to see, but they can create health issues by triggering allergies or contaminating food. Rodents, termites and other pests can damage your home and its furnishings. 

Keep pests out and restore your home to a sanitary and relaxing condition by enlisting the services of Prosite Pest Control. We remove pests with a combination of chemical and manual removal methods. We also pinpoint the factors that attracted and supported the pest infestation in the first place. That way, problem spots can be addressed or removed and the pests won’t come back. 

Commercial Pest Control

Any type of commercial facility will suffer if pests are present on-site. Insects, rodents and birds can all become pests that drive away customers and hurt your bottom line. Both clients and employees expect a clean environment, and you also need to meet pest-management guidelines set by the government. 

Prosite Pest Control will evaluate your place of business and work to discreetly remove unwelcome visitors. We'll also address the reasons they’ve entered your business in the first place. We have the knowledge and skills to humanely remove unwanted visitors and keep them from coming back to damage your property and your reputation. Office buildings, schools, hotels, apartment buildings and health care facilities rely on us to keep pests under control with our removal services and prevention plans.

Sanitation and Cleanup Services

If you feel overwhelmed by an unsanitary mess, call the experts in extreme cleanup services at Prosite Pest Control. When certain biohazards are present at a property, most housecleaning personnel don’t have the training or equipment to safely and effectively remove them and sanitize the space. Prosite Pest Control is experienced in clearing out difficult pest infestations, and we also successfully tackle other tough jobs like mold cleanup, hoard clearouts and odor removal. 

Don’t despair if your property is covered in a level of filth that seems impossible to conquer. We have the equipment, training and grit to return your residential or commercial property to a sanitized, clean and livable state. 

Prosite Pest Control specializes in environmentally conscious pest control solutions. We use customized strategies that are designed to remove pests while keeping people and pets safe. If you’re facing a pest problem in Ellensburg, WA, please call us for your free quote today.