Easton, WA Pest Control

Scenic views in Easton, Washington enhance the quality of life for residents of the historic small town, but an infestation of pests can present challenges. The Northern Pacific Railway gave the town its name to mark its location at the east end of the Stampede Tunnel. When fleas, ticks, and termites intrude into the idyllic setting, Prosite Pest Control knows how to eradicate them.


A creature that eats wood without stopping can devastate a home’s structure in a short time, and termites usually attract no attention as they consume the cellulose in timber. They enjoy the same creature comforts that people prefer, and the damp recesses of a house present the perfect environment for them. Food, water, warmth and shelter give them everything that they need to flourish.

Termites present no health risk to humans, and the threat that they pose is to wood structures. The risk is that their presence in a home is usually hard to detect without professional help. As one of the most challenging pests to control, they can cause extensive damage that may go without notice until it is too late to avoid an expensive repair. An inspection can find evidence of termite infestations that require eradication.


A bite from a flea can transmit bacteria and lead to an infection, but the pure annoyance of getting bitten is enough to make anyone decide to take action. Combating fleas in a home requires a defense on many fronts, including vacuuming, cleaning a pet’s coat with a fine-toothed comb and professional eradication. Once they establish a foothold in a home, they can get a blood meal from a pet or a human at any time they choose.

In Easton, fleas enjoy the mild weather outdoors during the spring, summer, and fall while the winter cold sends them indoors. Their bites can trigger allergies, itching, and irritation as they transmit diseases. Outdoors, they live in tall weeds and grass, wood piles, debris and shady areas that dogs visit. After they catch a ride indoors on a pet, they can live in furniture, carpet and hardwood floors.


A body that can increase to at least twice its normal size after a blood meal makes the tick one of the most disgusting pests that live in the Easton area. Without food, a tick’s diameter is about 1/16,” but it can double or triple that size before releasing its grip on a warm food source. Ticks are arachnids and have the eight legs that show their relationship to the spider family.

Human reactions to a tick bite may include flu-like symptoms, headaches, nausea and vomiting, muscle aches and fever. Potentially dangerous to dogs, a flea bite can result in lethargy and fever, weakness, lameness, and anemia. Ticks like to live near woods, in damp grassy areas and on shrubs that provide access to passers-by.

Taking Action

The right to peaceful enjoyment of a home or property belongs to every owner, but pests use their natural advantages to claim it for themselves. We use highly effective eradication methods that let us maintain our environmentally responsible approach. Prosite Pest Control serves the counties of Yakima and Kittitas, and we give a free quotation to anyone who needs professional eradication services.