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Have you found bed bugs in your Yakima County home? If so, you may not think much of it at first, especially if you don't know that it is bed bugs you've found. Bed bugs are tiny insects. At their largest, they are only about 4.5 mm in length. If you lift up a mattress and find a tiny spot the size of a quarter with black and brown stains, insects huddled together, shed skins and white eggs, you might clean it and go on with your day as if nothing happened. But this is not likely to get rid of those bugs. Let's take a look at why this is the case and why it is a good idea to call a professional when you detect bed bugs.

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5 Reasons Bed Bugs Are Difficult to Eliminate

  • Bed bugs don't usually come into homes on beds. When bed bugs hitchhike into a home, it is usually in luggage, duffle bags, book bags, pocketbooks and clothing. They'll also frequently come into a home stowed away in used items such as furniture and electronics. If you eliminate a patch of bed bugs, the source of your infestation could still have bugs. High-risk items need to be checked to ensure complete elimination.
  • Bed Bugs don't just hide in beds. When bed bugs infest a home, they find locations that are close to a food source—that food being human blood. They will establish themselves in beds, nightstands, chairs, couches, electronics, and other items in bedrooms. They are also known to infest living room areas. If you eliminate a source of bed bugs or you take extreme measures and throw your bed out, it isn't likely to get rid of your infestation. Bed bugs can be in many locations within your home. A detailed and accurate inspection is required to find them and target them.
  • Bed bugs are resilient. If you can't see a bed bug infestation, you may attempt to use products to kill bed bugs in your home. Many of these products don't kill bed bugs because bed bugs are incredibly resilient. One way they are resilient is that they are able to develop a chemical-resistant skin. As a bed bug develops, it sheds its skin between stages. When it grows a new skin, called a cuticle, the new skin is created to be resistant to harmful chemicals found in its environment. The elimination of bed bugs with pest control products must be systematic and targeted to prevent adaptation.
  • Bed bugs are wired for survival. These blood-eating pests have been living almost exclusively with us since the dawn of recorded history. They're wired for it. The behavior patterns of bed bugs make them extremely elusive. Their threat-avoidance behavior can trick you into thinking that you've eliminated them, only to find out, much to your misery, that you didn't. Effective monitoring is required to make sure they are completely eliminated.  
  • Bed bugs are resourceful. A bed bug can feed on you when you are fully awake. If you purchase insect climb-ups, bed bug traps, or encasements to stop bed bugs from feeding, but don't have a professional treat your home, those bugs will find a way to get a meal.
  • Bed bug infestations have a way of growing and growing. This can lead to a lot of misery for you and your family. While there are several ways to avoid a bed bug infestation, it is best to call a trusted pest control provider when you find bed bugs in your home. Here are a few ways to detect them if you haven't uncovered an area of infestation:
  • Know what a baby bed bug looks like. This is the stage of bed bug you're most likely to see feeding on your skin. They are about 1mm in length, with six legs, and pale coloration. If you catch one feeding on your arm, you'll see your bright red blood inside its abdomen.
  • Know what bed bug signs look like. Bed bugs leave shed skins, brown stains, black streaks, black patches, black speckles, and tiny white eggs in areas of infestation.
  • Know what bed bug bites look like. A bed bug feeds multiple times. This creates lines or zig-zag patterns on the skin.

When you detect bed bugs, contact a pest control provider as soon as possible. If you need help with bed bugs in Yakima County, contact the Yakima County bed bug experts at Prosite Pest Control. Our licensed, experienced, and highly-trained pest control professionals use the most advanced methods and products to completely eliminate bed bugs infestations.  


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